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  1. I got these crazy looking USMC trials M-9 bayonets directly from Ontario Knife Company (OKC); I am very appreciative to them for their assistance - these are two Ontario Knife Company submission examples from the 2002 USMC bayonet trials; OKC compact/ergonomic reduced mass M-9 bayonets, I believe they were returns from the USMC back to OKC due not being adopted during the 2002 USMC trials, Unfortunately, no original reduced mass scabbards were supplied with these bayonets. The blades show signs of testing but despite after being almost 20 years old, the blades are in remarkably goo
  2. ... just a continuation from my last post/I forgot to add this picture for the OKC 3FT UC posting. The Ultra Carbon (UC) and Diamond Steel (DS) markings were indicated on the front/bottom of the crossguards of the OKC/USMC pre-adoption prototype trials bayonets. Enjoy!
  3. Here is the Ontario Knife Company USMC OKC 3FT UC (Ultra Carbon) pre-adoption prototype; likely the rarest version of the three OKC/USMC pre-adoption prototype design models submitted for the 2002 USMC bayonet test trials. From what I understand, the Spec 3 Ultra Carbon was the adopted blade profile selected out of the 2002 USMC bayonet trials, called the OKC 3FT UC, the Ultra Carbon version was retained for further testing, while the remaining USMC test prototypes that survived the USMC test trials were released for public sale at some point by Ontario Knife Company. If you find o
  4. This Ontario Knife Company (OKC) Spec 3 profile USMC bayonet is a unique one-off example, factory assembled, using components of an original USMC OKC 3FT DS prototype bayonet and the USMC OKC 3S production bayonet to make what I will refer to unofficially as an OKC3H (for Hybrid). If anyone has a better title, please let me know. Since very little data is available on these OKC/USMC 2002 pre-adoption prototype trials bayonets, I’ll try to convey the little bit of information I believe to be true. If I contradict anything that someone knows is fact, I am sure the community would like to have as
  5. Here is one of the 2002 USMC trials bayonets/pre-adoption prototypes that Bobcat87 alludes to in his initial post. This particular model is the tanto bladed prototype bayonet referred to in the Homer Brett letter transcribed below, the USMC OKC 1FT UC (Ultra Carbon). Ontario Knife Company (OKC) also made another version of this bayonet called the USMC OKC 1FT DS (Diamond Steel). From my understanding there were 50 or less of the OKC 1FT UC prototype trials bayonets made by Ontario Knife Company; once the final design was decided upon the remaining stock of the USMC OKC 1FT bayonets was re
  6. It's quite possible that the cutter plate/pommel screw may have been changed out at a maintenance level with a non-standard slotted version but the original USMC/Buck+ M9 Bayonet screw was a no-slot stainless steel screw. Based on your picture ... yours looks correct!
  7. The white one is a winter warfare arctic version ... incredibly rare variant! That's the one you want to keep or sell, depending on how you look at it. Gunbroker has one for sale now for $1999.00 and the back strap isn't correct, it's all black. Out of the three arctic versions made by Lan-Cay, you have the coolest version ... the Model 1 with all white fittings, white waffle handle, white back strap webbing; Model 2 had black fittings, a white waffle grip, and white back strap webbing; Model 3 had black fittings, a white ergo grip, and white back strap webbing ... all very rare! Out of all of
  8. rifledoc1 ... I think you may have a Lan-Cay trials blade but mounted on a commercial ergo/black handle and black Molle compatible scabbard. This may have been an overrun blade. I believe the Lan-Cay USMC trials bayonet had the same scabbard but that and the handle were tan in color as depicted in Jim Maddox's page. If I recall correctly, the Marine Corps specifically requested desert tan bayonets during the trials and didn't want to entertain any other color bayonets. Only 21 samples of the tan trials bayonets were made. M9M4.com (page 41) has some additional background information and pictur
  9. Bobcat87 ... Awesome bayonet! I like that older style scabbard too! Unlike the M9 bayonet, the OKC3S has few variations, so it's great to see them. All ... M9M4.com (pages 70-73) has some pretty good background information on the OKC USMC prototype/trials bayonets that were very rare and unique predecessors to development of the USMCs current OKC3S bayonet. It also has a Homer Brett letter referencing the trials bayonets and the fielded prototypes. I am currently working to acquire three different USMC prototypes that were actually used in the USMC trials and predecessors to the OK
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