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  1. The liner itself is a 1951 CAPAC liner but it did have a 1961 sweatband in it. There's writing on the nape strap but I can't read and don't want to remove it. No doubt, there's some post-1951 parts on the liner. I had just never seen that type of chin cup though. So fair enough, it's mid-50's, early-60's chin cup. Back to the drawing board of acquiring an early 50's chin cup!
  2. I have no idea. I've searched here and Google for hours and am not any closer to an explanation. I've seen one for sale like this on eBay and the lister has no other info on it, simply states it's Vietnam era.
  3. I'm thinking 1970's. I have several from the 1960's that are a herringbone weave material. This one is obviously not though it appears to be cotton.
  4. I recently acquired a mint 1951 CAPAC paratrooper liner with 49th Armored Division (now-defunct division of the Texas Army National Guard) decals on the side and Spec-5 decal on the front. The sweatband is from 1961 and the nape strap is most likely same era (too brittle to remove). The chin cup is what I'm trying to get a better handle on. There was a thread on here from 2014 that I looked at but seemed somewhat inconclusive. Thanks!
  5. Hi Costa,


    You seem to be selling off some of your collection. Would you happen to have a KW paratrooper helmet that you're looking to part with? Thanks, Eroc

  6. I recently picked up a 1954 Westinghouse Micarta paratrooper liner with helmet Both are in great condition, the lid with it's KW-era paint and chinstraps. The issue is the liner. While it is in good shape, the A-yokes were cutoff at some point. My question for this august body is whether to replace the A-yokes or leave them as is. If I replace them, they will have the pre-1953 semi tubular rivets which this one does not have. As a decision making metric, what would be is more desirable to another collector? I appreciate the help, thank you.
  7. Well the helmet in question was pulled from the auction prior to the auction date.
  8. Better pics were supplied by the seller.
  9. Great photos. I cannot seem to get pics of the liner stamp from the seller but I'm willing to believe that it's an original Inland. I have been provided with other pics.
  10. Best I could do. Admittedly, not the best.
  11. The seller told me that liner stamp was too difficult to read so they wouldn't be able to provide pics. Okay, maybe that flies. However, he did provide pictures of the bails. So now....things get interesting. I think the legs of the bails have been snipped from repro bails. Now, correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm only going off pics and not actual first hand experience) but the feet on a legit M2 are more rounded on corners on often have an indent of sorts, not to mentions they tend to be of thicker material in the feet. What do the experts think?
  12. Updated with pics of the bails
  13. I have updated pics from the seller. It is now outside of my range of expertise.
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