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  1. bought out most of the military items of a career US naval officer and pilot and among the items was this - which I have not been able to positively identify. it beats a resemblance to WWII era i pigeon parachutes I’ve seen online, but I can only find examples which have been deployed, none still folded up like this one. maybe some sort of small cargo chute? any and all assistance is greatly appreciated!
  2. thank you for your response! I suppose my mistakenly thinking the two vest I have were different shades comes from the different colored strap used on each. the earlier model has more brownish straps and tabs throughout giving it a more two tone look (I'm personally a big fan of an two tone/transitional gear and uniforms). I saw that 2001 dated vest listed as well - I'm seeing ~$100 for used examples, so I am thinking the ones I have could potentially go for $150+ if I put them up for auction. The longer they sit here with me the less likely I am to release them back o
  3. was glad to find this thread after this weekend's haul from a career naval officer and pilot included two beautiful S-V2As the one on the left is dated 1969 and seems completely unused while the one on the right is dated 1972 and seems to have seen some very minor use. interesting to note the differences between the two models, the changes made over three years. a couple of questions: is the example on the left what you are referring to as sage green while the right would be OD? does anyone know an approximate value of each of these? while I certainly appreciate them, t
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