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  1. I will look through this link, thanks!
  2. I am also interested to see. Fake M2s aren't too common nowadays
  3. tredhed2 wrote me: "IMO, the 6th and 21st Abn Divs, and 25th ID, are WW 2 period originals. The 12th and 17th have too much khaki medium, which is a characteristic of post WW 2 patches. Additionally, the 14th and 17th have synthetic threads". I have never heard of rayon being used on any patch during WWII. I thought that was only done pre war. Was rayon used specifically on phantom division patches? Now I don't know what to believe!
  4. I recently purchased: 9th Airborne Phantom, 12th Infantry, 14th Infantry Phantom, 17th Infantry Phantom, 21st Airborne Phantom, 25th Infantry Patches. I am fairly certain all are WWII originals, but please enlighten me if I'm wrong! The one I suspect is a reproduction is the 17th Infantry Patch with the unique cross stitching. All patches smell old, and some exhibit what I think is a merrowed edge, but I am not certain. All opinions welcome! I won't be offended if I made a bad purchase. I paid $5 per patch. Thanks, TheGoose
  5. The photos are taken at a slight angle to avoid the shadow.
  6. I know the division, but can anyone tell me if it is real or fake? I am almost certain that the blue Airborne tab is incorrect. What would Airborne division would the tab belong to?
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