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  1. Does anyone know a way to figure out the year a garrison cap was manufactured, or if its WW1, WW2, Korean or Vietnam War? As you can see in the photo I have a few I need to identify, the ones with dated tags are easy, but most have just a size tag. Some have fancy "pinstriped" liners, some a solid color liner, and some nothing with no piping. I can figure out the piping colors with the forum, but dating is the hard part. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Got it Dave! Thanks for your comment. Guess I'll keep dodging. Told you where I bought it, and told you what I know. I would love to see these lines of custody that apparently travel with all the "real" helmets. Each time I bring up fact it is dismissed and a new reason of doubt is brought up. Its a no win battle. You can be right and keep being the keyboard warrior here. Thanks for everything, appreciate people like you in the world.
  3. You obviously didn't read everything or look up the NCHS ebay store. They can make reproductions but as you can see in the photo below when I search the web page for "reproduction" or "replicas" those words don't come up. They make reproductions but also sell a lot original items (mostly on eBay). He buys items from collections, veterans, museums etc etc. If your going to trash talk, read. He's been cited in books for his knowledge etc etc. I'm done commenting on here as "opinions" seem to actually be peoples outreach to say "tell me I'm right and validate me". If trash talk is al
  4. Thats what I thought but the back doesn't match. The back has one strap that appears you could use it to close the top. Like pull strings on modern bags to synch up the top.
  5. So I was given this bag for free as I know someone that just didn't want it. Its full of medic supplies. I looked up and down and can't identify the bag. Can someone help?
  6. @Costa see above I am the seller and I took it down because of the controversy this forum started. See above for the story.
  7. Hello everyone, This is WWMilitaria, real name Brian. I've been watching this and reading everything everyone has said. To start, yes my Ebay account is very new. I started it a few years ago to sell some of my Pokémon cards I collected as a kid. I'm unemployed due to COVID and am trying to make some extra cash (thats why I'm selling Disney mugs as well on there). I was lucky enough to have made friends in the past year that do reenacting, collecting and reselling. Through these friends I was lucky enough to be invited to NCHS (National Capitol Historical Sa
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