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  1. Thanks Skir, appreciate the advice. All the best, Mark.
  2. I guess no one knows Digi. My guess for what its worth is that the call sign is assigned to a person, at least for a time. I've seen photos of troopers and they have the same call sign. So either the pics were taken on the same operation or they have a callsign for maybe a particular deployment? How would you remember if the calls signs kept changing? Cheers Mark.
  3. Hi all, Ive just been offered this SEAL Trident. What are peoples thoughts on it, I think its fake. The gold is wearing off on the high points. There are no dashes separating the V 21 N and the back looks soft like its been cast from a real Trident. Thank you for your help, Mark.
  4. Hi all. I've been offered this SEAL Trident. What are peoples thoughts on it. The Gold looks like its wearing off on the high points and the Hall mark doesnt look very good, dots between the V 21 N instead of dashes V-21-N. The back looks soft, I wonder if its been cast from a real Trident?? so is it Real or What?? Thanks guys for your help, Mark.
  5. Hi all. Has anyone heard of or dealt with this shop? They're called Rolyat Military Collectibles. Lots of expensive challenge coins. They dont have any reviews that i can see and very few followers online. Too good to be the? Thanks guys, Mark.
  6. Hi guys, I've found these with a seller online. Do they look genuine to you? Thanks Mark.
  7. Thanks Doc, as a newbie to US Militaria its very confusing.
  8. markie916

    AOR1 & AOR2

    Hi all, I'm new here and trying to learn. So a simple question for you knowledgable guys. Is the Camo AOR1 & AOR2 only for Tier 1 units? From what I can see it is, I'd like a piece one day if a genuine item comes up. Searching online theres is tons but from what I've read genuine stuff is very rare so I'm assuming the stuff online is mostly fake? Do US Marines have their own camp design? Thanks guys, Mark.
  9. Hello, I collect military watches and have 2 US military pieces. A Benrus Type 1 and a Type 2. I don't know a lot about them other than what I've read online. It seems likely the Type 1 was more designed and issued to Navy servicemen, UDT and SEALS. The Type 2 is suggested it was for the Army. I've read that the dial designs lend themselves to this theory. I haven't spoken to anyone who really seems to know for sure or any servicemen who were issued these watches and used them. I think they are fantastic watches and I'd like to learn more about them. Does
  10. Hi Archangel. Thanks for the message. I was born in the south east of the country but I live in London now. 😀
  11. Hi Lewis, thanks for the message and welcome. A very interesting piece you had and nice of you to donate it. Did you buy anything else? Mark.
  12. Cheers Whiskey drinker, I'm sure I will do 👍
  13. Hi Sundance. Thanks for the message. Since I was a kid I’ve been interested in Special Forces. I’m not an expert just have an interest in them and the guys, what they are like etc. What kind of a person are they to do this work really intrigues me. So genuine SEAL and DEVGRU patches would be something I’d like to acquire. I don’t think I’d be lucky enough to find anything else from them. I’ve hopefully got a genuine Trident coming, it’s not issued but a genuine piece. SFOD-D also interests me. Obviously the British SAS and SBS, 101st and 82nd Airborne. I collect military watches a
  14. Thank you jmd. Great to be here 😀😀✊
  15. Hello to everyone. I joined a few days ago and have already had some great help in searching for some items. A great forum with tons of interesting posts. Thanks for the add. Best wishes to all, Mark.
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