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  1. Thanks ! yes it's from France www.aeronantiques.com they've got really good stuff. the information on the site with the helmet says that it is a helmet from the late 70's early 80's and that they flew with EA6-B prowlers. thanks everybody for your interest and reactions Mark
  2. beautiful, great idea ! I'm collecting usmc too. I was looking for a way to display it. gives me inspiration thanks
  3. thanks everybody for the warm welcome ! I like it already. very interesting forum
  4. Electronic Attack Squadron 129 (VAQ-129) is the United States Navy's only EA-18G Growlertraining squadron. Known as the "Vikings", they are a Fleet Replacement Squadron, or FRS, and are charged with training all EA-18G aviators and developing standard operating procedures for the maintenance and operation of the aircraft. The squadron is permanently stationed at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, in Puget Sound, Washington Aircraft flown AttackEA-6B Prowler EA-18G Growler EKA-3B Skywarrior
  5. Thanks all for the warm welcome, Brig the name on the canteen is Vedvati !
  6. This is my new flight helmet, An ApH-6 with ms22001 oxygen mask.
  7. Thanks everybody for the reactions, appreciate it !
  8. to me it look likes Vedvati, John J
  9. found this USMC Canteen with writing on it. there is a name, i think a military registration number and Guam 9 - 1944. Is it possible to find some information on the internet about this person ?
  10. Hello Thanks for the add on this forum. I'm from Holland and a collector for a while now. First German. a while ago i sold my whole german collection to start a new one. WW2 US. I'm looking forward to explore this forum and find a lot of information or new items. These are the first items of my US collection, USMC Mark
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