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  1. Hi folks, i was wondering if the slate gray combination cover used "scrambled eggs" for O-5 and above ... i seem to remember a photo of ADM King wearing a gray combo cover with without it ... but i could be wrong ... and my second question is i've seem the gray combo covers with both gold and black chin straps ... i know the black one is uniform corrrect ... but what about the gold one? thanks, mark
  2. Hello Everyone, Writing from Burke, VA (just south of DC) ... have been collecting the American Civil War for quite some time -- firearms, uniforms, swords, et al ... also have good modest collection of WWII uniforms and covers ... no particular area of interest ... retired from the Navy after 38 years in '15 ... worked in aerospace for a 4 years and just retired for good ... now getting my MA in history at George Mason ... nice to be onboard. Mark
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