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  1. Here is a short interview my grandfather did with the US Army Radio Service while in the Rhine valley firing artillery shells across the river into Germany. My grandfather right in the photo. IMG_1555.mov
  2. Hello all, I am searching for more information my my grandfather Edgar W. Rosenwinkel who served in the 10th field Artillery Regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division. We know he earned the Purple Heart and a few other citations but we don’t know the circumstances behind them. Here is the info I can find online as well as a photo of him just after he liberated Rome. Name: Edgar W. Rosenwinkel Residence: DuPage Co., Ill Date of Enlistment: 6/23/1941 Place if Enlistment: Chicago, Ill Army Serial Number: 36039685 any help is greatly appreciated
  3. Hello all, I’ve seen people mention USMF for years but just not got around to joining. I’m a WWII US military collector from Kentucky. I collect field gear and uniforms but my favorite item to collect is M1 helmets and liners. I’m hoping to learn some new info here and see both wartime photos and photos of items collectors have obtained through their years of collecting.
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