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  1. I read that one, awesome book. I particularly enjoyed the part where Washington gave an inspiring speech to some soldiers, so that they would stay to fight instead of going home to tend their farms. The soldiers still went home...not like the movies.
  2. Thanks Frank, I will order that book. Currently, I am read On Killing by Grossman. Very interesting, but I am not sure if I buy the percentages of the Marshall study.
  3. I am very curious about what it was like to fight during the middle ages with the Knights and also during the revolutionary war. I am just curious to the psychological and physical challenges of fighting during these times. In particular, I was wondering how they would justify themselves, By putting themselves in harms way lined up while others are shooting at them or when you’re in the middle of a battle in the middle ages when you’re fighting with swords with somebody And they can just come behind you and attack you. how could you keep guard on all sides of yourself? I was just wondering if
  4. Hi, you have been helping me find info about my grandfather from the 3rd Div, 30th infantry. I want to thank you by mailing something to you that you may want. Could you look at my post in the trade section and pick something out? I really appreciate your sincere help, it means a lot to me. 

  5. Here is a link to a better pic. https://www.loc.gov/item/2007663808/ I think he may be in the center 2nd row...any forensic insight? Thanks for taking a look.
  6. Hi, what is your opinion? I am trying to find out more info about my grandfather. A fellow member has been so kind to help me, and this could have been a photo of him when he got back. I would have to say he probably lost weight in his face and suffered from some type of stress from the massive artillery. Do you think it is a possible match...I could not get out more detailed...looking at guy in second row as a match.
  7. Thank you for your time and insight. I looked at the photo with a magnifying glass, and did not find him. However, I will look again. I have a date that he came back from his papers, and I don’t know if this changes who you think he came back with? One thing that was a cool find for me was that I was able to get the name of the ship he went to the war on, Aquitania and was able to identify his friend in the picture...the nicknames made it more challenging.. His name was William Harold Jensen. I will post a few pics.
  8. My grandfather died in 1951. My mother was only five. Most of his family died off and we have very little information. My mom‘s mother died 10 years later.I have attached his rifle range scores. I am not sure how good they are. I do know that he served in the Marines afterwards in the 20s and 30s. In fact, I think he even try to enlist again for World War II. I have to investigate that. And one of his letters, he had stated that he has lots of crazy stories, But he would tell them when he got back.But he would tell them when he got back.
  9. Incredible information, I will look into your questions tomorrow and get back to you. Thank you so much. I have ordered a few books, one was quite expensive and rare, so I will be sharing my findings.
  10. Here is a close up, he was part of the Rock of the Marne Division...We shall remain here...while the French retreated.
  11. My curiosity is piqued because of my grandfather’s service in the the 30th infantry Regiment Of the 3rd Division. I know my questIons may require lengthy replies, so if you could provide me resources to research, I would greatly appreciate it. Q1: What was the role of HQ Company During WW1? Q2: Were they more protected and out of harms way because of their value? Incidentally my grandfather’s captain/superior had to leave because of mustard gas complications...which my grandfather later died from in 1951. Q3: Would they have been involved in less action, and if so, would o
  12. This was found with a collection I have of World War I and World War II buttons pins and patches. It seems the material can be identified as a shell, possibly Abbalone. Do you know anything about this button?
  13. Thanks guys for the fast response. Maybe it could be LSU tigers, I had some Louisiana state stuff, too. The colors wouldn’t match Clemson.
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