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  1. Hey fellas, maybe someone has a clue what kind of (nice) bag I'm dealing with. Those musette bags from the 40s, did some came without a side pocket and some with zippers (Zipperbrand is »Swan«)? Or do I simply own a nice old school bag in the vein of the army ones?
  2. Don't wanna be a naysayer, but I doubt Octoberfest is taking place, due to the fxxx pandemic. But I'd be happy if the world reopens asap. I'd be the first to return to the states for heavy surplus-store-shopping.
  3. What helped me (at least on the mothball stench coming free with some items) is a mixture of vinegar and water. I soaked the stuff overnight in it, rinsed it with water and done… No, it does not smell savory afterwards.
  4. Thanks. The other shoulder is unpatched with no stitch marks. Do the patches on the collar have a special meaning?
  5. Maybe one can help to identify the patches on this one? Love to wear it… Hopefully I'm not stepping on anyones foot by doing so?
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome! Huey, I just love how »monsglodbouck« (Mönchengladbach) sounds! Edelweisse, due to the fact US troops aren't based in the Rhein-Ruhr area, findings in army-surplus stores are pretty rare. It all changes the closer you get to the south of germany. But what my girl and I found in just a few days strolling casually through Los Angeles surplus stores back in 2019 is already way better. Have thought about re-enacting very, very silently - maybe I see from a distance first, what is going on. I'm somewhere between »This is odd« and »hell, yeah!«.
  7. Guys, thank you for the replies. What I found out while browsing the internet excessive: - There are blue bib-overalls/pants, different contract number. They only have a zipper in the front, no flap over it, clips to the side and no back pockets (like the one you posted, Doctorofwar). »U.S. NAVY« is often printed on it in white, full width of the bip. - there are OD ones with a single flap pocket in the front and a flap over the zipper, but not covering the full front. - And the ones I've got. They seem to only pop up in olive drab, two open pockets on the frontside, zipper
  8. I think what I recently received is a bip-pant with the contract number NXsx 82967 - but in a dark blue. I can't read the tag anymore and since it is »blueish«, I assume the whole pant was re-dyed. The barely readable »U.S.N« stamp is/was black. So, if there ever was a blue version of this pant, shouldn't the print be in white?
  9. Brrr… it is supposed to be »Hello from Germany« not »Hell« - though hell makes sense in a weird way, too. Sorry.
  10. Hey there, my name is Sam, age 41, living in Duesseldorf Germany and I'm looking forward diving into the knowledge, I'll find in this community - already have a couple of questions since I'm pretty much starting out collecting US military gear. ;) On a side note, I'm more into wearing the stuff than storing it. You all have a great weekend, Sam
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