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  1. I know there has been a discussion about the OD style of this bag in the past but I can't find it. The consensus then was that the bag was 100% a fantasy item. The reason I remember this is I own one of the OD bags and was disappointed when it was deemed not real. This lighter bag falls into that fantasy item category.
  2. Here is a photo from my Study Guide - Chemical Warfare Pamphlet No. 2 dated September, 1943 showing how the gas cover/cape is used. Notice how the soldier just poked the rifle muzzle through the top of the cover to fire the rifle. From the text, this cover was specifically meant for protection against the spray of chemical agents from enemy airplanes. I hope this helps. Bob
  3. Dorado, Here is a link to an article I wrote in 2010 on this subject. It may be of interest to you. Bob http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/67118-mint-complete-bag-sleeping-arctic-m-1942-set/?hl=%2Bsleeping+%2Bbag
  4. Dustin, Great, informative, article!!! Thanks for posting. Bob
  5. Nice find you made there. Here is a mint flashlight with its original cardboard box for reference. It also still works. Bob
  6. Here is the mask, front and back, still tied with string and with lens protectors.
  7. one50, After reading your post I vaguely remembered that I might have a gas mask similar to yours in my cave. So after digging around a bit I found the following example which seems to be a later model. Also, the mask and carrying bag were sealed into a cellulose bag for vapor protection, before being packed into the box. I show the cellulose bag folded up in one of the photos. BTW. When I bought this mask, I opened it from the bottom so the label on top would not be damaged. I really do love finding WWII items in this NIB condition!! Bob
  8. Scott, They say a picture is worth 1000 words so here is a link to a post that may help you see what can be shot off the end of an M1 rifle. Bob http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/44432-a-collection-of-rifle-grenades-and-flares/
  9. Survival, I was absolutely shocked at the low prices I got these two kits off of Ebay and amazingly nobody else bid on either auction. Once I discovered the kits on Ebay, I got two quickly for the opening bids of I believe $75 dollars, which to me was a super bargain. I knew that the value would increase dramatically once the supply dried up and was ready to buy many more kits, but no more complete kits appeared on Ebay. So I didn't miss the boat, but did want to buy a boat load more of the kits at the price they were going for at the end. Bob
  10. Sorry Survival, it was actually you who I was directing my last post to. Bob
  11. To bayonets!, thanks for the info on the source of the mint, unissued M2 kits. I am sure my two kits came from the guy you mentioned as I bought them both from EPay within a week and no more appeared after. I counted the bandaids in both kits and there are 12 in each. It is possible the seller removed 4 bandaids from each of my kits to complete another kit that had "rotten" bandaids. Who knows?
  12. Ron, I was only able to get 6 of the bandaids into the cloth loop under the flap. However, all 12 bandaids fit perfectly inside the flap and are held in position when the kit is snapped shut. As far as the water purification tablets are concerned, I have not seen any other bottles with the light green colored label. I feel any WWII era water purification 100 tablet bottle will work in your kit. With the rust on the cap of the tablets you already have, its condition is a bit worse than the rest of the components so I would just buy an unissued bottle of the same style from Ebay to put in your k
  13. Rob, FYI. I just checked my two M2 kits and there are 12 bandaids issued with each kit, wrapped with a blue rubber band and tucked under the flap. Everywhere I have read about the M2 kit it is stated were only three bandaids issued with the kit, but it looks like the manufacturers were a bit more generous than that. A classic example of this is the attached image of the M2 content list from the Med 6 Medical Supply Catalog dated 1944. Sorry about the .pdf file, but then added a .jpg with the content list. Notice the quantity of 3 bandage, gauze, adhesive on the list. Bob M2 First Aid Kit
  14. Rob, Most of the WWII M2 first aid kits I see on the web are pieced together with a mismatch of components. However, yours is an exception and appears to have all of the original components that should be in one of these kits, except for the bottle of water purification tablets. Congratulations!! How, can I be so sure you ask? Well, I am fortunate to have two mint, unissued M2 first aid kits with their original boxes that they came in. They were unopened and unmessed with when I received them around 10 years ago. These two kits are the barometer that I would use to compare most M2 kits to. Her
  15. Hey Dan, I will pm you with contact information and I live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Here is a closeup of the Clothing Impregnite Testing Kit you noticed in my photo. It is complete and Mint in the original box. It is used to test clothing treated for gas resistance to make sure the anti-gas treatment is still effective in the clothing. These kits were somewhat common 10 or more years ago and I bought two from a dealer in Florida. Bob
  16. Hello All, Anyone who has read my posts in the past know that my passion is collecting mint/unissued WWII militaria. I can't fully explain why I am drawn to the mint stuff, but as an Engineer, I like to collect the various patterns of an item to see how the design evolves. Instead of collecting many examples of an item and it's variations, I collect one mint, unissued example of each pattern, if possible. Having the original markings, QM Tags etc. makes this much easier and a mint NOS example guarantees that nothing was added or removed from the item variation after it left the factory. Of cou
  17. Dan, Here is a photo of my M5 gas mask with a boatload of accessories that I have displayed with it. BTW. I didn't think the edit in my original post had accepted the M5 photo, but it looks like the same photo got posted twice. Oops. Bob
  18. Dan, here is a link to a topic I started that will fit into your "gas" subject matter. I hope this helps. Bob http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/66367-suits-protective-one-piece-impermeable/
  19. Ronnie, YES, the box was full and here is the photo of the contents. BTW. I was able to get the contents out of the small, inner box without breaking the tax seal.
  20. Bob, I just pulled out both M1944 and M1945 pack systems from my stash. They used the identical mechanism to connect to the suspenders to carry the packs on the back. My M1944 suspenders, which fit both packs perfectly are Olive Drab, and marked Hoosier. It appears that one side is dated 1944 and the other side is dated 1945. They do NOT have any padding on them. See image attached. Unfortunately these are the only pair of M44 suspenders I have and my opinion is that the manufacturers made M1944 suspenders in the years 1944 and 1945 to the identical pattern to carry both variations
  21. This is the link which gives the whole cleaning procedure. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=33988&hl=ammonia
  22. That breast pocket looks really weird to me. It is so sloppily sewn and not nearly the same look as my two mint original jackets. Could be a field repair but I am sure it didn't leave the factory like that. Bob
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