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  1. Posted this MIB M2 kit in a previous post, but thought Id also add it here also.
  2. Here is a pretty complete Jungle First Aid roll. I have assembled this from scratch from various contents lists that are around. I have also tried to match componenets to the correct pockets by the pocket size. I am always looking for input and for photos of other kits also with contents
  3. Charlie, there are markings on my pistols top strap. First a flaming bomb mark, then the faint text "U.S. PROPERTY G.H.D"
  4. Charlie, within the last few days I have been in contact with a guy from the Smith and Wesson forum and you are absolutely right. The pistol was factory refinished, probably in the 70's. Needless to say I am disappointed and a bit embarrased, but I would rather know the truth, than to be living in ignorance. None of my reference books show the right side of the frame so I thought the extra stampings were normal. My bad. Thanks for breaking it to me gently. I just got home and popped the grips off the gun a there it was a small 4 71 on the frame which I guess is a refinish date of April 19
  5. I got this photo from a WWII vet who was with the Marine 4th division in the Pacific theater. It was taken on Iwo Jima and shows two Dobermans in action, with one heading down towards a cave, and the second dog waiting patiently to bite whoever comes out.
  6. Here is a really nice Boyt 41 M1928 Pack all assembled with all recommended components (except the C rations). This includes the wool overcoat, raincoat and complete blanket roll down to the underwear and socks. It is a bear to lug to shows because of it's weight, but it is a big khaki attention getter once there. I have suspender pads installed and the shoulder straps adjusted down real tight for easier transport. The pack is filled with clothes, while the manual says it would really be filled with C rations in two rows. But who can afford that many C rats to be buried inside a pack.
  7. One of my favorite sub categories of WWII is hygiene items. Here are a few groupings of items from my collection. Notes of interest are: The toothbrush in the last picture has a bone handle. Fingernail clipper is marked "Gem Jr.". The fingernail file is blued and from a bunch I bought in Alaska. They came from the original WWII dated, quartermaster marked package. They wouldn't sell me the package unless I bought 50 more files at $2.00 apiece.
  8. 2ad82recon, thanks for the kind comments. Good point on the goggles as I normally do keep the helmet with a pair of 1021s, but liked the larger look of the 1944s for the picture. It also gave me a reason to show off the 1944s, mint with the box.
  9. Here are some more standard goggles and some disposable eye shields/shades. 1) Goggle Kit, Polaroid No. 1021 with cloth carry roll and spare lenses. Below the roll, note the more scarce oilcloth OD case and spare lenses for these same goggles. 2) Goggles, M-1944 with original issue box and spare lenses. Note protective paper still on the lenses. Markings are Polaroid Goggle M-1944 and dated 1945 on the left temple. They don't come nicer than these. 3) Assorted Disposible Eye Shades and and an Eye Shield, still sealed in their original envelopes.
  10. Here is a grouping of WWII, protective eyewear and disposable goggles. Here is a list of the items and descriptions from top left. 1) Rare pair of Goggles, Ski, Polaroid. Larger than the M-1943 goggles below. 2) Goggles, M-1943 with issue OD leatherette case. Goggles ink stamped US 1944 inside. Note protective paper on lenses 3) Mask, Face, Rocket-Launcher with original issue box. Similar to M1943 goggles, but with extra oilcloth piece sewn on to protect face. Goggles ink stamped US 1944 inside and with protective paper also on lenses. 4) Clip on sun glasses with OD leatherette
  11. In the attached image you will see a close up of the push-to-talk switch and on the left hand side, the early leather lanyard with buckle adjustment. This leather lanyard looks way too dainty for carrying this heavy switch assembly. The right hand side is the later cotton cord version that superceeded the leather one. It has an interesting clasp to alter the length of it in use.
  12. I know you are all saying "Ho Hum" everyone has one of these helmets from the stash that recently came in from India. Please don't bore me. I agree, but I took a queue from my wife and always find that "In order to beautify you must accessorize!". Here is a mint tanker helmet with the following accessories that make it ready to put on a WWII tankers head, plug into a Sherman tank and head out after Rommel. Even though meant to display, electrically it is also a fully operational and useable piece of equipment. Collector Note: Most of these items I bought before I even had a helmet. Wheneve
  13. Here is a holster rig and a few accessories for the pistol.
  14. I bought this mint unissued Victory pistol from the OGCA show in Cleveland, Ohio quite a few years ago. Condition is special, but what was interesting was the story that came with it. It supposedly was surplused after WWII to a police department in Ohio. It was never issued by the police department and eventually was sold off to the person I bought it from. It still had a few traces of cosmoline or hardened grease on it when I bought it. Note the nice case hardening remaining on the hammer and trigger.
  15. Artu, That is one great collection you have assembled!! I feel honored and humbled if I had even a small effect. on you getting the collecting bug. Regards, Bob Law
  16. I got this nice M1917 revolver from the same guy as the previously posted M1911A1 pistol. It is sorta unique as it still has the beautiful, bright, polished, factory finish along with the case hardening on the hammer and trigger. Most of the revolvers were reworked and refinished sometime after WWI, but I would say this one has remained unfired. I say this due to the fact that there is no discoloring at the chamber mouths or the feed ramp itself. Lastly, there is no brass colored ring or any wear/discoloring around the firing pin hole in the frame.
  17. Here is a picture of the pistol with the holster rig and some accessories. I took a hint from my wife who always says, "It always pays to accessorize".
  18. Here is a picture of the center piece of my small WWII pistol collection. This M1911A1 is absoutely mint and is Colt manufacture. The pistol also has the slide serial numbered to the gun under the firing pin retainer. As far as I can tell it has never been fired and while in my colection, will never be.
  19. As a little addition to the subject, here is a nice M8 flare gun, holster and especially the hard to come by flares for the gun. I was fortunate to get all three, different, live flares for $5.00 apiece at the Max show a few years ago. BTW the three smaller, shotgun shell looking flares in the picture are for my M3 signal projector.
  20. Not really having to do with dog equipment, but here is a nice picture of war dogs in action during WWII. I got it from a WWII vet who was with the 4th division of Marines in the Pacific theater. It shows two Dobermans in action, with one heading down towards a cave, and the second dog waiting patiently to bite whoever comes out.
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