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  1. Here are the mint unissed M1945 pack system mentioned in previous post. First maker marking image is backpack and second is cargo pack. Interestingly the backpack maker ink stamp was located under the shovel attachment tab. Until I located it I was really sweating whether this was a correct pack. The date on the cargo pack is hard to read as the last two digits are very weakly stamped.
  2. Here is a pair of packs that you don't normally see mint and unmodified anymore!! The M1944 backpack and cargo pack had a quick disconnect strap system to quickly remove the cargo pack when necessary. Unfortunately the webbing would swell when wet which caused the packs to be virtually impossible to separate in actual combat conditions. So the majority of the M1944 packs were modified to the M1945 system a short time later and unmodified packs are quite scarce. I was lucky to get a mint unissued backpack and cargo pack for both M1944 and M1945 systems in a box of mint/unissued gear that a WWII
  3. Here is one of my favorite groupings. The medic harness, first aid bags and inserts and both types of straps. All of this gear is pristine mint and consists of medic suspenders, two first aid bags, both types of bag inserts, with contents, two cantle straps and two litter carrying straps. The bags still have their laces tied on that have never been laced in place. Interesting, I hit paydirt a long while back at the Show of Shows when a vendor had complete bundles of both types of straps, still tied together with cloth ties. I sure wish I had bought more bundles back then. Another nice item is
  4. Nice, mint and working Type A-9 Hand Energized Flashlight in original box.
  5. Here is my mint M1938 map case with a bunch of mint goodies that I carry inside it. It is ink stamped on the back with the maker GENERAL SHOE CORP. and dated 1943. One of the gems inside is the Army fountain pen and mechanical pencil set in the leather case and with the box. The leather case is embossed in gold with an eagle and U.S. ARMY. Unfortunately I have not encountered a grease pencil for marking the map overlay with, but still looking.
  6. Here is a mint Model 523 double burner stove made by Coleman in 1943 with half the original box and all spare parts. The lower part of the box was damaged by insects, but the upper half with the markings was intactThere are also images of the aluminum carry case which also doubles as a sterilizing pan for medical instruments. The case was bought separately and has the medical emblem stamped on it.
  7. Here is a mint unissued M1950 model personal stove made by Rogers-Akron,Ohio in 1964. Again mint with box, manual/paperwork and all parts. Hard to improve on this one.
  8. Here is a Model 1941 personal stove made by American and dated 1944. It is unused, complete with manual and box. One image shows the stove with the mountain cookset, also mint still with paper label on lid.
  9. Being up in Ohio my entire life, I never had the opportunity to find any military surplus honey holes, because they were few and far between up here. But as a collector I had easy access to mint militaria at a fair price from Tom Gordon via mail order from the Military Marketplace. Tom did all of the honey hole prospecting for his customers and had a tremendous selection of pristine items, at reasonable prices. When he closed his store it was the end of an era and a very sad time for me. I have a pile of pink receipts from his store an inch thick and a major percentage of my collection came vi
  10. Flage, thanks for the kind words!! You and I are kindred spirits and I have salivated more than once over your fine collection. I have been collecting for over 40 years and some of the items I have came from one time finds ,such as the M2 jungle kits in boxes, that won't ever surface again. I like this thread and will be posting other items/groupings in the near future. Bob
  11. Here is a mint unissued 1917 Dismounted Ammo Belt made by P.B & CO. with the rounded flaps. Somewhat scarce in this condition. Bob
  12. Here is a mint M5 Assault Gas Mask with a lion's share of it's accessories. Bob
  13. This is difficult here since I only collect the minty WWII gear so I will post a few bright spots in my collection like this mint, unissued M2 jungle first aid kit in the original box. Note that the bottles still have the tape seal on them. Bob
  14. Nice pristine items there Sigo and iron bender!! I love seeing it still as mint as they day they were made!! Bob
  15. Robin, the hollow tube on the end does seem to match British versions, but none of the images I found have the threaded part on them along with the tube. I will keep up the search though.
  16. Robin, Very Nice!! In looking at your examples they appear different slightly from mine at the threaded portion. Yours look like the manual diagram where the tips would have a blasting cap crimped over it. Mine has a sheet metal tube on the end like where a fuse or detonating cord could be inserted to be lit by the device. Not sure about the dowel rod, but it could have been used to keep the sheet metal tube from getting deformed. Any ideas? Bob
  17. As many of you know I am very interested in Booby Trap and Firing Devices that are used to detonate explosives remotely on the battlefield. The URL link below points to an existing article on this forum, that I wrote concerning the subject of these devices and how they were used. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/237922-wwii-us-booby-trap-and-firing-devices-my-updated-collection/ Today I added another interesting device to my collection that is used to detonate grenades, mines, Bangalore Torpedos and other explosives on a timed basis. The official designation for thi
  18. Here is a photo out of a a September, 1943 dated, STUDY GUIDE - CHEMICAL WARFARE, Pamphlet No. 2. It shows three ways to detonate the chemical mine using various methods. A fourth method not shown is to take an electrical detonating cap and inserting it in the burster tube. Bob
  19. Sorry for the delay, but I haven't been monitoring my post and I missed your request for an image of the instructions. Here it is.
  20. Chris, short and sweet you have a Cap, Winter, Lambskin Lined. US Army issued early during WWII. Here is an image of my mint version of the cap and it's QM tag. Your cap would have had a similar QM tag sewn inside. Bob
  21. I have had one of these SAA Calvary models since 1990, that I bought from EMF. It is an exact duplicate of a US marked Calvary .45 Long Colt pistol and it is one of my all time favorite pistols to take to the range to shoot. You will love shooting your new pistol also I believe. I bought an exact duplicate holster and pistol belt to accompany/carry the pistol. I also made the Mckeever cartridge box myself that also appears on the belt, since leather working is my hobby. Bob
  22. Here is a photo with the OD bag with pins along with other accessories. One of the reasons that I remember being presented previously for this item being a fantasy item is if you look in the WWII QM catalogs, Stock Number 74-P-225 is actually assigned for the folding Pole, Tent, Shelter Half. So why would it be on anything associated with the pins which are stock number 74-P-125. Bob
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