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  1. Dustin, Very, Very interesting reading!! You are indeed correct that the lack any reference to "cootie" powder in the specifications makes me now believe that the insect powder was not originally meant to be included in this kit. I am pleased that the can of foot powder I have included in my kit matches the specification exactly! Since I acquired the foot powder for my kit, I was always concerned that the can dimensions were not correct, but it was the best example I could find. Lastly, I measured the pocket dimensions in the cloth carrier for my kit and while it seems to be a Specification C
  2. Dustin, you are duh man for finding this info!! I will dive into it and will look forward to any discussion the occurs later. Bob
  3. Henry, Thanks!!! It looks like the two Prince Albert tins were made berween 1913 and 1938. Which means they are pre-war, but still vintage. Bob
  4. Not anything to blow your skirt up, but there was a community wide garage sale in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio recently. I generally never find anything that could vaguely fit into my WWII collection, but for a grand total investment of $9 I found these items at three different houses. The tins are vintage, but I am not sure if any of them date back to WWII or before. The shaving soap is the exact same type as some boxes I bought a long time ago that were advertised as WWII vintage. If any of you experts can enlighten me on the actual era of these items, I would appreciate it Bob
  5. The stock number format on the front of the kit makes it a post WWII first aid kit. Bob
  6. Here is the jungle first aid roll kit packed up, with adhesive compresses instead of cootie powder inside, as recommended by some experts here.
  7. No problem Dustin. Then looks like FM 21-11 seems to be the choice reference for this kit, which is what I had been using for many years. Will post new pictures with the adhesive compresses instead of the cootie powder soon. I don't have any Davis compresses so will substitute in Mine Safety Appliance versions. Bob
  8. Dustin, wasn't the cardboard box just a protective sheath for the Salt Tablet bottle. My bottle that I showed is just missing the outer box, which I believe happened very often when the box got tattered over the years and got discarded. Every time I have seen the Salt Tablet cardboard box, it always seems to be mated with a bottle of the tablets. So please clarify if there were Salt Tablets issued only in a box with no bottle. How would the tablets have been preserved from dissolving in the tropical humidity? Bob
  9. Dustin, I am now confused by the statement you made where the salt tablets were not included in the kit shown in FM 21-11. I have an April 7th 1943 dated FM 21-11 and on page 98 it specifically calls out item i. Salt Tablets (10 grain) (100) in the content list. I also believe the kit photo in the manual shows the salt tablet box in compartment 10. Just wanted to make sure I had the same FM 21-11 that you were referring to. So as Surviver has mentioned earlier and FM 21-11 bears him out, the cootie powder was not in the kit originally, but the 16 adhesive compresses were. I can accept that and
  10. Survival, that is a great idea since there seems to be a lot of interest in these kits among the forum members. Bob
  11. Survival, I am confused here. The first two photos posted by autorifle in that original topic on the M1 Jungle First Kit clearly do show sulfadiazine tablets in the early cardboard box slipped inside the compartment with the first aid dressing. Just to eliminate any additional confusion I am attaching those two photos for reference. So assuming that this autorifle owned kit was indeed mint, unissued and still wrapped in the manufacturers paper as he stated, what do you believe is wrong with the contents of this kit. I won't discount the interesting idea that this kit may have been inspected an
  12. Survival, my kit is an exact duplicate of a mint, unissued kit posted about 8 years ago by a member named autorifle. When he bought it, the kit was still contained in its original manufacturers wrappings, which makes it the absolute correct configuration in my book. So regardless of the large amount of conflicting information and documentation out in the world, I am standing behind my kit as being correct and complete, using autorifles mint, unissued kit as the template. Bob
  13. I just checked my old The Military Marketplace catalog from 1999 and the black Bakelite vials were 6 for $12, the atabrine vials were $3.50 each and the wood encased iodine applicators were $7.50 each. Prices have gone up a bit since then though. Bob
  14. FYI. When I first started collecting US WWII militaria I was lucky to find a wonderful mail order dealer named Tom Gordon at Military Marketplace. He had the black Bakelite vials, empty atabrine Bakelite vials with original labels and the wood covered iodine applicators, in mint condition, really cheap and in quantity. Could kick myself for not loading up with even more examples, since now even these items have dried up. So with these three items I had a reasonable, inexpensive beginning to my jungle first aid kit quest, even before I got really serious in completing the kit. Bob Law
  15. Nice kit there Rich!! Thanks for sharing. How long did it take you to find all of the correct components? BTW. My foot powder can is slightly wider and shorter than the normal 2 oz version and fits better in the pouch opposite the adhesive plaster roll where the cootie powder normally is. Bob
  16. Thanks Leigh!! I guess good things come to those who wait and I have been waiting patiently a long time to finally finish this kit. Bob
  17. Well, after what seems like 100 years, more like 15 years actually, I believe I have finally completed my WWII Jungle First Aid Roll. I have been hunting for the bottle of Sodium Chloride & Dextrose tablets as the last remaining item I needed and by blind luck I found a perfect, full bottle on Ebay last week. The only bummer is that it did not come with it’s cardboard box, but I consider myself fortunate anyways. Actually, almost all of the kit contents were extremely difficult to find and I have been picking away at the content list for many years. I have been using a gorgeous, mint, unis
  18. Gorgeous display!! I used to put up a display at the OGCA yearly display show when it was still in Cleveland. I know exactly how much planning, effort, blood, sweat and tears it takes to do a job you can be proud of. I hope your beautiful display got the attention, accolades and awards it truly deserved. Bob
  19. Hey med-dept, I have a complete copy of the MED 6 supply catalog. Is it a later version of the MED 3 and does it include the same contents as MED 3? Bob
  20. Shoot!! All I got from Santa again this year was a lump of coal!! You must be one of Santas favorites.
  21. Here is the pack instruction sheet I found inside the side pocket of the M1945 backpack.
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