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  1. So they didn't get tools marked "Ord dept."?
  2. Bought a 1917 edddystone dated 12-17 last Saturday so looks like I am going to try and fill the box up. Anyone have any idea on what brand tools they used?
  3. Here are illingander’a pictures
  4. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize this fourm had the search feature, I tried looking sorry I don’t like to be that kind of guy.
  5. Is there some magical trick to read faded field gear date and maker stamps? My shovel cover I got for free is almost readable but just can’t quite do it. By the color of the cloth I’d say it’s a 43 or 44 cover.
  6. do happen to know what brand tools they used? I know the saw is marked “ORD DEPT”
  7. Interesting, I think I will dedicate this forum to this chest and will try to fill it full of items. Does anyone know what lock is needed? Below I will post a picture of the lock I think they used and the saw. If anyone has any leads on any parts for the box let me know.
  8. That is going to be very useful I’ll have to do some research on that site!
  9. Well thanks for your help I'd say your right or it as been very very worn so you cant see reverse stamping like the rest of the holster, Just weird to me that someone would take the time to put "ws" on it instead of buying a new holster.
  10. Would have been nice but I wasnt even born at that point, Wouldn't mind a 1903 Springfield box either but that just means I need 12 non existant sperm oil cans.
  11. Hard part is gonna be even knowing what brand tools were used... I at least know what the saw looks like now.
  12. Here some pictures of the back, I want faintly make out a oval but no letters this holster has defiantly seen some use!
  13. I saw one of the saws on ebay but I was to late for it sold for only 20$ tools seem to be hens teeth, And you need 6 sperm oil cans of which I cant even find one.
  14. I paid 100$ for this the guy was asking 500$ and I told him yes they are asking 1200$ on eBay but that doesn’t mean it’s worth that and he sold it to me for a 100. Any tips on filling it up?
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