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  1. A couple drops of a flammable liquid on the wick will allow it to burn long enough to light a cigarette. Zippo fluid, and others are mostly a light petroleum distillate and 30% naptha. https://certification.zippo.com/Documents/Safety Data Sheet/English/Zippo Lighter Fluid - North America.pdf Most white gas, often used in lanterns and cook stoves, is a type of naptha. I'm sure people used everything from mogas or avgas to lantern gas.
  2. I know there were some still in inventory and in use then, not many but a few. But to be made in 1995 seems more than a bit odd and unlikely. Why keep making something that long after the replacement has been in production and being issued?
  3. The worn ones are the first pair, the date inside looks like made in 1997. I was issued them in 2004. The new pair don't have a date, but maybe someone can decipher the code.Padded Vibram sole. Don't use the darker color as they are pretty much new while the other pair are very worn and were bleached by the sun and sand. Plus a couple washings. I also put in a picture of the "Infantry Boot, Type 2." The Gore-Tex lined, but uninsulated, rough out tan version of the boot that the USMC has been using for a few years, and that the Army adopted just a couple years before replacing all black b
  4. I was just looking it up when I noticed your post. Foam seems to be a fairly broad term and some types will feel different. I was also just playing with a set of newer pads I have and I might have a bit of a faulty memory. When they weren't extremely hot they did seem like a memory foam. It was in the extreme heat that they reminded me more of a gel. Bulging might have been a bit of an exaggeration, but the fabric wrapping the foam seemed to be full, and all sides slightly rounded out. Kind of like a full air mattress. So slight bulging might have been a better term.
  5. The ACH I was issued in like Dec 2004 was the darker green with black pads. These were when they were still new in the box and even included the manual... I don't remember which it was though. The pads didn't feel like foam, and would harden when cold, and in high heat seemed to expand to the point of bulging. They felt like a gel insole to me.
  6. A shortened brim is also more practical in some areas. Enough to keep most of the sun off your face and neck, but not so big it blocks your vision.
  7. I wish there was an edit post feature... I left out that I was issued both styles I described. I can dig them out sometime and see if there are any other differences besides the soles though. As I think about it, I think I received the newer ones after 2005 though, so along with my first ACUs.
  8. Third pattern was used into the early 2000s, so OEF, OIF, PI, and Africa, and a few other things here and there. They didn't really last too long into the UCP era though many were still wearing older ones. There was something that I guess could be called a 4th pattern. Same upper, but a different sole with an EVA midsole. Not the Panama style lugs.
  9. A couple of the Air Force dogs (and their handlers) who were working the gate with us. The kennel master let us do some training with them which was pretty fun, and educational.
  10. Would an application or two of wax be a bad thing? Johnson's Paste Wax, Renaissance wax, a good quality auto wax (the more pure waxes, not the stuff with silicone and abrasives).
  11. At that time it could have been their own school uniform, or they might have been training with an armored division, many of whom were wearing the black tanker beret.
  12. The 101st was wearing the paraglider cap badge until the Army went to black berets for everyone.
  13. I'm not seeing an edit button and I hit submit too soon. Sorry. The flag patch became mandatory at all times in 2005 I think it was. The regs saying how came out in 2003.
  14. When I was issued DBDUs in 2004 there were some with the original cut. The big collars and waist tabs. So they'd been in storage since at least what 93?
  15. Just 1st Cav, they haven't been air cav since vietnam era. The 161IN and most of the 303rd (I think they were still armor back then) was mostly assigned to the 1st cav as. Some guys were assigned to provide security for a civil affairs unit. They spent a lot of time guarding the Al Rasheed Hotel in the green zone, and the 14th of July bridge. C company -8-spent a lot of their time guarding the yellow cake storage facilities until they were removed. They were also the only ones who were given permission to use their 25mm M242s. Even during the day long firefight permission wasn't
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