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  1. Nice examples Sfcollector! Though i cant comment on the authenticity on any of them. There seem to be a lot of patches for sale that share the same detail, and that is the colored thread that hops from one side to another where it continues with the construction of the patch. I hope you guys get what i am saying here. Are they considered all bad with this in common?
  2. Thanks Wake! Luckily it didnt cost me much. So no harm done.. Could someone post a legitemate example for reference? -Dos
  3. Hello Members, Once again i need your help on this patch i got recently. I think it is vietnam era... What unit or group it belongs to... no idea? I found some similar patches from the US Army 5th Special Forces. But not one specific like this? Maybe a reproduction... or fantasy design. Hope it is good! Any opinions or help will be much appreciated! Best regards, MH050
  4. Thanks for showing, Would love to see the picture of the "Motto'' above the CP's door! @439th Signal Battalion Yes most definitely! It shows signs of removal from uniform @gwb123
  5. @USMarineCorps Great! Thanks alot, Looks like there are many variants since it was an unofficial patch.
  6. Any other opinions? Seems rather worn or crudely made.. Does look cool! Dont even know if these things are faked.. But everything war related with a skull is in my mind a potential victim...
  7. @vintageproductions Thank you for reference picture and detailed information about this patch. Much appreciated. I pulled the trigger on buying it, and i will post some better quality pictures when it arrives. @AHR No worries, These things happen.
  8. @vintageproductions, May very well be! It is listed for sale as a Green Beret Unit patch. I'm not familiar with any US Arm or pocket patches. Any other opinions or thoughts on this patch? Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the reply. Is it a good thing it would be Vietnamese made? I did find out that the green beret unit served in Vietnam after you're comment.. Any other comments are welcome! Best regards, Dos
  10. Hello U.S. Militaria forum members, This is my first post and i ussually don't collect US-Military things. But i came across this patch that fits in my collection area. My qeustion: I was looking for the Green Beret Unit with the Motto "DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR". But couldn't find any similar patches. Is this even a unit that exists in the US Military? And if anyone has any experience with cloth patches, Is this piece legit? Any opinions or comments are appreciated! Thanks in advance. Regards, MH050
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