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  1. I sure was scratching my head as I read your reply. Was wondering what universe you were in. Great to know it was ne of those mix up things. My Winchester Lee Navy is # 16787. Wondering where varifleman got his history as well. I'll post pictures of mine here soon.
  2. Now there is a third one out there. I actually put eyes on this one. Springfield Krag 1898 on the list in "Equiping the Corps" issued to the USMC. #328674
  3. Ray, I just purchased a 1895 Winchester Lee Navy second contract rifle myself and want to shoot it. Would love to know your reload information. Tired of getting nowhere on the internet stuff.
  4. There were 1,000 of the S&W M&P Model 1899's and another 1,000 Model 1902's purchased by the US Navy. I have one of the oder 1899's myself and I have seen a Model 1902 with numbers stamped on the Backsgrap. I have seen some people say they are rack numbers for the arsenal on the ship or station. Is that really what they are, or are they the ship number? Such as BB-1 USS Indianapolis, or PG-42 USS Villalobos, or other ship numbers? I am sure there are some Navy guys out there who know exactly what they are. Also is there any way to know what ship or station post they may have been assig
  5. I am not 100% sure this is the right place to post this, but here goes. I was reading on the USMC Weaponry site about the 1898 Krags issued and used by the Marines. I have also purchased and read "Equiping the Corps" by Alex Tulkoff. Between those two sources it seems to me that there were about 1,000 model 1898 Krags issued to the Marines and then they were sent to Nicaragua and Haiti. According to the USMC Weaponry site, there are only two documented and known USMC issued 1898 Krags found. (#231425, and #257294) Is that correct, or is it outdated information? Kind of makes those a Holy Grail
  6. I have purchased the book and am very pleased with it. I am trying to put together a uniform for shooting in our club. I have most of it but have not had any luck finding a correctly styled reproduction hat for the 1898-1900 time period. I am also a collector of Smith & Wesson 1899's. I know the US Navy purchased 1,000 of them and I have three of those pistols. My favorite one to shoot is S&W serial #5170 which caries US Navy #34.I have been searching for records to collaborate the S&W serial #'s with the US Navy #'s without any luck so far. Anyway, I saw that you had the Colts lis
  7. I'm so happy to be a part of this Forum. I am looking for information about the USMC that I have not been able to find anywhere else. My Father retired as a Marine, and I'm showing a picture of him as an extra with John Wayne during the shooting of "Flying Leathernecks". That might get things going!
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