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  1. Merci beaucoup. So, it's a form of propaganda showing our support for the Marshall Plan. Makes sense.
  2. Yup, I see that now. Thanks. Earlier than I thought it was.
  3. It does, in fact, have 8 pockets. Therefore it must be a M1903 Mounted Revolver belt for .38 revolver.
  4. Hello. I bought this a few years ago in a small town antique store to go into my Military oil/cleaner bottle collection. I have never seen one like this with the art on the back. What is it and what era is it from? I'm guessing maybe Vietnam era? Thanks, Scott
  5. Looks like it might have 8 pockets. I'll find out. Thanks, Scott
  6. This is good info. The belt is not mine yet so I'm not sure of the pocket count. Looks like it might actually have 8 pockets though. I'll ask. .45 ACP ammo has a 1.275 overall length so it should fit in the .38 revolver pockets. Maybe with half moon clips? How many rounds went in each pocket on these? Thanks, Scott
  7. I'm still confused on this one. Is it an M1909 or M1910? I am assuming it's a revolver cartridge belt being it has the short pouches? Thing is, it has 6 pouches and I have only seen 4 or eight pouch. I would really like to know what this is. I am wanting to use it to carry half moon .45 ACP clips of ammo and a holster for my same Colt 1917. Thanks, Scott
  8. I know this question has been asked a million times here, but what type nof belt is this? The pouches seem short on them. It has eagle snaps on it. I only have one picture, sorry. Thanks, Scott
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