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  1. I think there are two different lengths as well, if I remember correctly. Maybe a 2" and a 2 1/2".
  2. It does at 10:34 of the video. He takes it out and puts it back in. He kind of blocks it a bit, but you can still see how it's done.
  3. Nice. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Somebody has obviously taken it apart several times judging by the messed up screws and scaring in some places. Are you going to shoot it?
  4. Everything looks ok from the pics. Make sure the cut-off you ordered has the plunger and spring in it. Pretty straight forward installation. This is a good video on teardown on one. Starting at 10;34 of the video is the cut-off. https://youtu.be/8FEjThKdmMc
  5. Very cool! Does the piston have anything stamped on the top of it? Sometimes they did.
  6. You are both welcome! My pleasure to share. I was not expecting these.
  7. I would not have passed it up either. I have the Colt 1917 already and would like to add the S&W version.
  8. Got a box of stuff in yesterday from my wives uncle, Retired U.S. Navy. In it there was pics of Lieutenant Colonel James Doolittle and the USS Hornet with the B-25B Mitchell medium bombers. He was really into the Doolittle Raid and it's historical significance. Very cool! These are getting framed and put on display in my gun room for sure. :)
  9. Very cool! Great price as well. I love the 1917. What is the butt Army serial number on it?
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