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  1. Thanks for the welcomes! Sorry, I couldn’t respond yesterday, I’m a new member so I had used up my posts for the day.
  2. Sorry, I couldn’t respond yesterday, I’m a new member so I had used up my posts for the day. I’ve learned so much from this site and all these responses about this M1 helmet. Thank you again. Hopefully I can contribute to other members of this forum as well. Still hoping someone has more info on the 702nd Grand railway.
  3. Thanks for everyone’s contributions and comments so far. This forum is awesome. I see the two little circles at the seam. Are the two circles the heat stamp? I do see something that looks like an 8 or m. I took better photos. In the liner I can feel and see a stamp. I didn’t notice that at all before. It’s a cross with CAPAC in it going up and down. Above it is the numbers 53 and above that looks to be the flaming bomb in a circle. Underneath is the number 8, And in each corner there looks to be a number but I can only make out a 1 in the top right and a 2 in the bottom right. The webbing looks all OD green. I took some better photos of the liner webbing, stamp, and decals. So a Korean War liner in a WWII helmet? Do soldiers hold on to their helmets between wars? Besides the leather band wearing away both the helmet and liner are in pretty good shape. The helmet shows nice texture also.
  4. I picked up a U.S. M1 helmet and liner last week and I’ve been trying to figure out it’s origins. The liner has the soldiers name and rank painted on “CPL Jimmy Hopewell” as well as his divisions decal logo on each side, which I believe is the 702nd Railway Grand Division. I don’t normally collect helmets, but I really liked this one because of the soldiers history on it. I was thinking it was WWII from some things I’ve ID’d but the liner has a date of 1953 on it. Is it possible a new liner was installed for the Korean War after WWII? I googled the hell out of Corporal Jimmy or James Hopewell and there’s a few with military history but none that directly connects them to the 702nd. If anyone that has helmet knowledge can shed some light on its style or age that would be great. Even better if anyone has knowledge of the 702nd battalion. I’ve included what I could find so far. I paid $125 for it. Maybe that’s high, maybe it’s low. It’s cool to me because my brother has been deployed a bunch of times and is or was a company commander and in charge of transportation. He’s deployed again now, but I’m excited to show him this when he gets home in a few months. Thanks.
  5. Hey! I’m a new member and just getting in to collecting more than bayonets. I registered for this site because I have some questions on a few things that I’ve picked up. Thanks in advance!! Thanks, Garry
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