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  1. I'm hoping the author of "US Silent Service: Dolphins & Combat Insignia 1924 - 1945", David A. Jones, is reading the forum these days and could possibly help with additional information about the Roll of Honor dolphins awarded to (then) LCDR C.W. Wilkins? On page 53 of your book a photo is shown of Wilkins' award certificate and attributed to the Roger Bender Collection. In the Note at the bottom of the page you explain the dolphins awarded to LCDR Wilkins by VADM English were made by Balfour rather then the H&H type VADM Lockwood liked to award. Mr. Jones, if you're reading this, i
  2. Thanks Josh. It's interesting comparing the details. I have an Amico badge with 3 riveted stars that have a similar appearance. At first I thought they were capped too but not as flat as the single star badge above. So I had a look at them under the USB microscope as well and am thinking the stamping style gives them a stepped shape which makes them look capped. Looking straight on they also appear silver but under the microscope you can still see the gilt color on the sides of the stars.
  3. Well, upon further examination I think I was wrong about a silver cap / layer being added to the gold (bronze) star underneath. I remembered I had a USB microscope so had a look with that. Although flatter than the stars on the other Submarine Combat Badges in my collection, which gives it a bright silver look, I now think that's all it is: i.e. a worn down or filed down gold star.
  4. Thanks dpast32. It's an interesting variation for sure. It'll be interesting to see if one of the other forum members have seen this before. I should have included a photo of the reverse in the original post so people could see the maker's mark and riveting style. I think I read it was only Amico badges that had the stars riveted but I could have misunderstood that.
  5. I recently picked up this Amico Submarine Combat badge with a single star. I thought I was purchasing a badge for 2 patrols but I think it may be for 5 patrols. In the original listing I could see the star was a bit flatter than normal but I thought it has just been filed down a bit. I've seen pictures of that done to other badges so never thought further about it. When it arrived I could clearly see not only that the star was "silver" but it appeared the silver layer was affixed on top of the standard bronze star. The star is riveted in place as it should be. My questions are
  6. A couple of claims were noted on his 45th OP. Most of the missions were dive-bombing / strafing grounds targets and boats on the rivers. He did mix it up on three occasions and noted sightings of fighter that didn't engage on two others. Aug. 19, 1944 (OP #17): P-40N20 4:10. Recon road S. of Yochow to Hengyang. Got jumped by approx. 12 Oscars SE of Yochow: Got rudder shot out, prop. out, left aeliron [sic] stuck, approx 6 to 8 holes in left wing. Landed saftley [sic] at Kw. "with help of God." Sept. 21, 1944 (OP #39): P40N20 3:30. Supposed to frag and strafe Japanese motor pool at Sins
  7. Thought I'd share another grouping in my collection to Brigadier-General James William Carter, Sr. I don't remember how long I've owned it but probably at least 10 years. I purchased it from a dealer in the PNW as shown in the photo. From the information I have, the military memorabilia of BGEN Carter was broken up and sold (at least in part) on Ebay in 2002. The items I got came together but also included an old Ebay listing for his mini medals which did not come with the group. I know of at least one other dog tag and identity card in another collection. The DFC and AM are not named
  8. It could be. It's seems nicely aged but I'm still hoping its not an old movie wardrobe item or really old reenactment piece. I was hoping someone might also have the same pattern jacket, or one with similar features, and be able to shed some light. Other threads and articles talk about different zipper brands being used for example.
  9. Thanks Josh. There's another interesting entry in his record for the same date: "12-29-50 The Commanding Officer congratulates you on the performance of duty which enabled this vessel to complete a successful war patrol (25 Sept - 5 Oct 1950). The substance of messages from the Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet and Commander Naval Forces, Far East are included below: PERSONAL GREETING IS EXTENDED TO THE OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE PERCH BY CINCPACFLT X YOUR EFFORTS SHALL BE A MOST COMMENDABLE CONTRIBUTION TO THE KOREAN EFFORT WHEN THE STORY CAN
  10. Also, one other difference is there are no arm pit shields.
  11. Hi, I just purchased this M41 jacket and noticed a few things which are different from what is usually seen. I would appreciate some more experienced opinions on the jacket. It has a nice overall used appearance with fading and a little bit of wear around the cuffs, etc. It even a rust stain and partial wear on the collar loop which makes it look like it hung on a nail somewhere for a while. The differences I noticed are the jacket lining has a central seam, the collar does not have the tab and button on the reverse and the zipper is a Lightning brand zipper instead of a Talon zipper. The
  12. I thought I'd share one my favorite smaller groups which I purchased in 2010. Lieutenant-Commander John Anthony Rausch was born in 1924, served in the Navy from 1942 until 1972 and passed away in 2008. In addition to the ribbons and medals which came with the group, LCDR Rausch is entitled to the Joint Service Commendation Medal. From the information received from the NPRC, he was promoted to Chief Store Keeper in 1951 and commissioned in 1956. Among his various assignments, he was a Store Keeper aboard the USS Wadsworth (DD516) in WW II and earned his Submarine Combat Insignia for service a
  13. Thank you scottplen and Salvage Sailor. That confirms both cases are possible. I realize records don't always list the bars (or other medal entitlements) either but I won't assume it's just missing from the medal and/or record in future for the Occupation Medals. Regards, Rick
  14. Hello, I know this is an old thread but I found it while researching to see if it was possible for the Occupation medals to have both bars attached if the person was qualified for both. I have a couple of groups were the records lists both bars but the medals came with neither bar or just one bar. Another question I've wondered about relates to the Army of Occupation medals with no clasps and nothing noted in the NPRC file: i.e. the medal is listed but no "(Germany)" or "(Japan)" noted beside it in the list of awards. That is if the person served in the Army of Occupa
  15. Thanks Backtheattack.
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