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  1. Love those Alex! One of the coolest mini groups I’ve seen! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Original Minis on the Mess Dress Uniform of Major General (Dr.) Howard Unger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Attributed Ike Jacket (with Theatre Made Ribbons)of Lt. Col (later full Colonel) William Harry Bartlett, who served from late 1915-1954, and was a recipient of the Silver Star, Legion of Merit, Croix d’Guerre, and the Soviet Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd Class. Colonel Bartlett was a 1920 West Point Grad who served as the Commanding Officer of the 183rd Field Artillery Group in 1944, the 307th Replacement Group in 1952, and the South East Area Command of EUCOMM in 1954. He also served in various general staff roles with the 91st Division in 1942, the 8th Army in 1948, and Japan Lo
  4. Attributed custom made Ribbon group of Brigadier General Barnwell Rhett Legge: Close friend of Theodore Roosevelt Jr., WWI Hero, renowned diplomat, and operative responsible for the safe escape of countless American POW’s during the course of WWII. After graduating from the prestigious Citadel military academy in South Carolina, Legge saw heavy combat during the course of the Great War in the famed 26th Infantry Regiment of the 1st Division, having received the Distinguished Service Cross and 4 Silver Citation Stars (Later Silver Star Medals) for valor during the battle of Soissons, and afte
  5. Great pieces! It was a fantastic show this year, fingers crossed the COVID situation clears up and we can still have next year’s show. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wow! That’s gorgeous! Fantastic find! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks Justin! I might have to try my luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Mess Dress of Major General Dr. Howard Unger. Among many other things, Chief of the USAF Aerospace Medicine Division and Commander of all USAF medical forces in Europe. After receiving his medical doctorate from George Washington University, Dr. Unger pursued a career as an officer in the US Air Force in 1954. In addition to being a flight surgeon and resident physician at several Air Force Bases, such as Wright Patterson AFB, March AFB, and Randolph AFB, he also served as chief of research and flight medicine at the Directorate of Professional Services at the US Surgeon General’s offi
  9. Uniform (with Theater Made ribbons) of Rear (later Vice) Admiral William I. Martin. This incredible uniform was ordered from the prominent Hong Kong tailoring firm of “William McGee” by then US Navy Rear Admiral (and famous Naval Test Pilot) William I. Martin, who by the end of his illustrious naval career had: Achieved the rank of Vice Admiral, served as Assistant Chief of Naval Operations, as CO of the US Mediterranean (6th) Fleet, as CO of Carrier Division 19, as Chief of Naval Air Reserve trains ing, as Chief of Staff for the Atlantic Fleet, as Captain of the USS Saipan, as an advisor
  10. The Theater Made ribbon and patch group of Major General Robert S. Beightler. CO of the 37th ”Buckeye” Division in WWII, Military Governor of Okinawa, Republican National Convention Delegate for Ohio, Mayor of Marble Cliff, Ohio, godfather of Ohio’s Highway system, prospective candidate for Governor of Ohio and the United States Congress, and close personal friend and colleague of Douglas MacArthur In addition to this, he was the longest Serving Division Commander of WWII, and the Only National Guard General to maintain command of his division throughout the entirety of WWII. He was also one
  11. One of my favorite items. The dress uniform (with Theater Made Ribbons) of Lt Gen. Selmon Willard “Jim” Wells, who, among many other things, served as Inspector General of the United States Air Force from 1969-1971. Wells began his 30+ year career with the US Air Force in late 1941.After earning his Pilot Wings in 1942, he was immediately deployed with the 312th BG to the Southwest Pacific area. He was initially squadron commander in the 389th BS, and was eventually promoted to Group Commander. During the course of WWII, he would fly a total of 140 missions in the famed A-20 Havoc bomber
  12. Here’s a little display I created a few years ago. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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