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  1. Very interesting shell! Never seen such one before. You sure it is solid brass (or any copper alloy), and not just plated? Have you tried weighing it? Now while copper does not have a significant higher density, it is a little heavier than iron and manganese. An unpainted M1 shell, but with loops (movable) and rim, weighs around 950-975 gram (McCord), while a painted shell with chinstraps around 1050-1090 gram (McCord) Schlueter shells tents to be 30-50 grams lighter. Is it cast or draw from a sheet (disc), like the normal M1? Unfortunately, I cannot help with what it is for,
  2. What a great item! Would love to seen such a shell. You have any more images of this? Does it have a lot stamp? Has the shell even been painted or is it rust? If so is there any trace of the steel companys actual heat and lift number? Should be in the dome, in ink, inside or on the outside.
  3. it’s only the Danish army version that has this type bails, I have never seen them on any other helmet. The civil defence version has US style like yours. Diaward would later (Late 50s) use the Euro style where the middle goes on the outside, like German and Austrian LS an U.SCH shells.
  4. Just wanted to show the danish version of the diaward helmet (made in 1952) first 4 images is from the army. Army version is missing its j hook. Rest images is from the civil defense version.
  5. This is a diaward helmet, from around Early-mid 1950s made by diaward steels works in Hong Kong. It is all magnetic, shell, rim, bails, rivets and chinstrap adjustment bar. Only the j hook and buckle are of a copper alloy (brass). This looks very much like the Danish version (made in 1952), but this is not a danish version, army nor civil defense version. Army version has other bails, while civil defense version has a stamped serial number in the back of the rim, inside. The 2nd rivet by the j hook, does not go all the way though on the danish versions. The rim joint in the back over
  6. Hmm. Why are you so hostile? You show photos of your fine helmet - which it is, and a period photo of a helmet that is not yours, and you wonder why I ask how do you know this helmet-set has been together for 70+ years? And it’s not even a condescending question, since I hope you ask the very same question when you got it. I’m just curious. im sure there is 1000s out there, but I’m not so lucky. I have seen maybe 3 helmet-sets with reasonable provenance so it can be assumed they (shell+liner) have been together for 70+ years. E.g someone pulled it off in 45/46 put it in a basement and her
  7. No need to be perplexed. We are just having a conversation. I simply asked how do you know this has been together since and including ww2? Remember I can only see the photos, you can see the helmet in the real. There is nothing wrong with the liner, shell or net. Looks good all of it. I’m simply stating what catches my eye, from photos, with the information that this has been together for 70+ years. Well 80 years in fact. And that is the sweatband location, missing liner net shadows and the rim. Might be perfect good explanation to all of them, but does not change that it catches my eye.
  8. Looks very good, and surely a very nice find. How can you be sure this have been together since ww2? The first thing I noticed is the sweatband is attached to the napestrap suspension, not where it should be, at the web suspension. Is that not a 50s thing? - That actual led to the removal of the napestrap in the 60s liner version? I uselessly think of this as post war, but hey users must have started sometime, and maybe it’s a war thing also? The other thing is the rim. Looks very shiny for a rim covered with net? Even where the net is thick and covered by the chinstrap?! Could be it
  9. Wow, not only is the Shell an early McCord in great shape, the liner is about the best i have ever seen! Very Nice. You Got treasure for sure there!
  10. Very interesting! I read it as 41CC 2!. Had it just been like 41C 2 it was undoubtedly an early war McCord stamp. But 41CC 2, very strange. Also if it should be 410C, there should not be a space + 2. You might have a little gem here! As for the front, would not put too much in that. But try posting images from the other side. Would like to see that side. And images of the bails too. Just to be on the safe side, a couple of images of the rim in the back.
  11. Now i love the Shell, very nice! But the chinstraps hmmm 🤔 looks almost too good. Splendid condition. They look almost not used. Wonder why there is wear on the top (can see the copper alloy) on the buckle but not where the j-hook joins the buckle. Looks like the j- hook have never attached to the buckle, but somehow rubbing occurred on the top of the buckle? but the shell ummm 🥰
  12. I have always wondered about that. Surely a fantastic helmet, no doubt, but verifiable history, much less so. Helmets are not personal belongings. Might come from a ship, might have been on that ship for a long time, but who knows how many times liners have been changed? Even if a name is applied to the helmet, who knows how many others have had it? The one name that is written can be just a blink in its history. I looks at the helmet, saying nice shell and nice liner. But pinpointing to branch/ship/area/company/man ummm not so important, as it is littered with maybe’s, what if’s, could be and
  13. Well not every m1 helmet needs to be restored to look like a ww2 helmet. Looks nice, but would not pay 250 bucks for it
  14. Yep thats a danish civil Defense m/52 Shell, with a m/58 liner production post 1963. This is not the original liner for this shell. They are made by diaward steel works in Hong Kong. They are all magnetic. These shells tent to be sold cheap, simple because people do not know what it is. A common, faulty, belief is that they are of Danish make, produced by glud&marstrand. Not so! Only 60.000 of these was ever produced (plus another 50.000 for the army) in the grand total of m1 helmets and clones, it’s a small number. Still people just tries to get rite of them, and paint them over to look a
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