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  1. Trevor, Good to see someone interested in the 511th. My grandfather was in B 511 PIR and jumped into Los Banos. I have my grandfather's original uniform, cap and medals (including silver star). Plus his letters and memoirs (not looking to sell). I saw that you have interviewed lots of the men from the 11th ABN, as have I. In fact, I met Gen. Flanagen when I was a Lieutenant in the 82nd ABN (fun fact). Bottomline, I am working on a book concerning B Co 511th that is definitely different than Holm's book which is really about D Co and his Grandpa, plus lots of stuff borrowed from Flanagan's book (as most of the records were burned in the 1970s, we are really at a lose without him). Love to see what research others have done and try to get more detail into the fighting, plus share whatever I have gathered.
  2. May I ask where did you get these photos? My grandfather was in B Co 511 PIR and this is the first time I have ever seen pictures like these. Any other pictures from the 511th would be of interest to me.
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