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  1. Maybe a Japanese-American Marine forged this flag and traded it for a pack of smokes from the vet I got the rest of the grouping with? Lol crazy to think that there is a ton of “Seabee” flags going around and some people think they are probably from a real Japanese soldier. Well I guess the flag would be, but the writing not so much. Thanks for the information guys!
  2. I posted this flag on a forum. You and Eric are absolutely correct. You can check it out here https://jref.com/threads/flag-and-wax-seal-translation.159352/#post-924595
  3. Yes so I posted it on a different forum to translate it and to what they were telling me this flag was a fake. Scripture was written by two people and yes the name on the flag does not match the name on the seal. Very strange that this came in a group. I was thinking the person that sold me this group just threw a fake flag in there to get me to pay more. I didn’t know any better at the time it just looked old so I went with it. Lesson learned for me that’s for sure!
  4. Thank you Mike, I’ll post something on there later this week and try to keep this post updated if I get any feedback! cheers, Luke
  5. Awesome piece with great history
  6. Purchased this from a local dealer a couple years ago. Items included the Japanese flag, pocket watch, wax seal, photo of the Japanese officer and the propaganda papers... along with of course the dog tag of the Marine who brought it back, Henry Albert Woods. Apparently from what I was told all these items were taken from a Japanese Officer that Woods killed, and he sent them all home to his family. You can tell from the envelopes he states he killed the officer in Saipan in June 1944. I hope you guys enjoy! If anyone can somehow gather any information on Henry Woods (I tried looking
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