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  1. Hey thanks Allan 😃 i appreciate the kind words and all the help. well i was never good a spelling lol. you know back in the day i collected third reich and soviet ww2 medals when they were fairly cheep, had to part with them sadly. Say i could use a time machine. 😋
  2. Ok gang got it today. They fit nicely with my four month haul lol.
  3. Success! Yes unscrewing the first ring and putting it in worked like a charm, didnt need any lubrication (hehehe insert childish giggle),only took a few minutes to put them in. Thanks all for the great advice:)
  4. there arebtwo brass screws when i remove them nothing unscrews
  5. iv'e heard u can use a hair dryer, anyone try this? ill try to unscrew the caps. thanks guys
  6. hello all, i am in need of some help i recently picked up a A-11 leather flight helmet and a set of ANB-H-1 receivers. My question is how do you install the receivers?
  7. beautiful wings!. well a small update lol, i was going to pass the wings up when my amazing wife went ahead and purchase them for me a my anniversary gift. ill post them when they arrive. thank you for all the help gang.
  8. ok, thanks rooster77. that's what put me off as well im just not sure. the wear on the wing does look good though.
  9. Thanks guys, as I'm new the glider wing are, what would be a fair price?
  10. hello all, was in need of some advice. I saw this glider wing on E-Pay and would like some opinions if its genuine, before a burn my hard earned money lol. Thanks gang. https://www.ebay.com/itm/WW2-A-E-CO-AAF-GLIDER-PILOT-STERLING-PINBACK-WINGS-3-1-16-IN-TUCSON-ESTATE/293580384349?hash=item445ac1285d:g:EKEAAOSwFLRenO9n
  11. Hello all, Just wanted to show this pewter stein I picked up that has a 2 inch pilot wing soldered on the front. The engraving says Perrin rocketry meet 1956, high individual score, captain Thomas j. Civil jr.
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