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  1. Very nice wings! well done.
  2. Thanks guys, i think the numbers are air force manufactures codes. Unfortunately no back story that i know of.
  3. Hey gang, just wanted to show my latest accusations that I picked up from a fellow member (big thank you). The 3 inch is marked with the A logo and number 332. The 2 inch is marked A logo and numbers 345 and 346.
  4. Hey thanks Allan 😃 i appreciate the kind words and all the help. well i was never good a spelling lol. you know back in the day i collected third reich and soviet ww2 medals when they were fairly cheep, had to part with them sadly. Say i could use a time machine. 😋
  5. Ok gang got it today. They fit nicely with my four month haul lol.
  6. Success! Yes unscrewing the first ring and putting it in worked like a charm, didnt need any lubrication (hehehe insert childish giggle),only took a few minutes to put them in. Thanks all for the great advice:)
  7. there arebtwo brass screws when i remove them nothing unscrews
  8. iv'e heard u can use a hair dryer, anyone try this? ill try to unscrew the caps. thanks guys
  9. hello all, i am in need of some help i recently picked up a A-11 leather flight helmet and a set of ANB-H-1 receivers. My question is how do you install the receivers?
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