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  1. I picked up a set of books at an estate sale and in one of the volumes was a newsletter and certificate from a magic carpet (returning troops to the US) steaming by the USS General William Weigel. The newsletter is a single page dated April 10, 1946. The ship was steaming from Manila Philippines to San Francisco. Position was given as 34 degrees 15' 134 degrees 30' at 2000 hours on the letterhead of the page. The other is a Golden Dragon certificate for crossing the 180th meridian. Both are printed on cheap brown paper. The Golden Dragon certificate has color in blue and yellow in a
  2. If this is in Germany, that would make the helmet as being used by judges / referees in field maneuvers. The standard German / Bundeswehr use is a white armband or band on the hat or helmet and I'd think the US Army would adopt it for joint maneuvers etc. At least, that's what I suspect is the reason for them.
  3. Some more details on these photos. The top one appears to be a US display for public consumption of German technology on a flatbed truck trailer. The first item is a model of a Wasserfall W-5 of W-10 surface to air missile. It has to be a model because the actual missile is far larger. The next item, the "mushroom on a cone" is a V-2 rocket motor. I'd bet it is the real thing. I can't make the other three items out clearly enough to identify them for sure. The next set of photographs, six in all I believe, are likely taken at Elgin AFB in Florida. Whi
  4. Hey... I registered because someone put some pictures up of US guided bombs from the VB series and I thought I'd add some information seeing as how I was writing a book on advanced technology in WW 2, mostly having gotten tired of the "Germany had the greatest (fill in the blank)" nonsense. While not a collector, I think my value as a contributor is I can often identify and give far more background to items that others have. For example, some years ago, a Belgian found a dog tag in the Ardennes belonging to a US soldier. From that tag he had posted up, I found the man's rel
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