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Shaun Greaves

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  1. The quick response is much appreciated @phantomfixer. Is there any money to be made from the parka liner and M51 field jacket?
  2. Hi all, quite new to collecting militaria and just wondering if anyone could identify and/or confirm originality of these jackets? Sadly there is no labels left inside the first jacket - or any others beside the size label in (what I believe) is an M51 jacket (last pics). Any help would be much appreciated!
  3. Brilliant guys, thank you very much for the information!
  4. Responses are much appreciated guys. The M43 is the late war issue field jacket, correct? So when you say probably 60s era, does this mean the jacket was produced/issued during the 1960s or made during the Second World War but used in the 1960s? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I am new to militaria and was just wondering if anyone could identify this jacket for me? Any information would be much appreciated!
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