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  1. I joined C Company 1/29th (ABN-RGR) in August of 1974. Me and two other guys from A Co 1/29th: Karl Kurtz and Roger Bracket, all went to the Ranger Company to interview with the CO to obtain a letter of acceptance. Captain Robert L. Howard (Medal of Honor recipient) was then commanding. We were a bit intimidated but the interview went well and we were accepted. The unit was based at Harmony Church at the time. Funny, I remember running out to Victory Pond one morning just after I got there and, not accustomed to the pace, hills, or distance, I had to pull off for a quick barf. While doing tha
  2. Here's my 1976 photo of the NCO's of B Co 1/29 (ABN-RGR). Ranger qualified personnel had a Ranger tab sewn above the beret flash.
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