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  1. Thanks, Patches! I could make out the outline for a previously sewn on 2nd ID patch. 1st Army makes sense for the rectangular patch. Appreciate the help!
  2. Another right place at the right time situation. When LetGo first came around (online, local P2P sales site), it was a treasure-trove of militaria. You could search all listings across the app from their desktop site. Found a lot of nice militaria in the first couple years of the App's start. They then refined the site to only allow local searches. Now I see the same listings, sitting for days/weeks/months, every time I search. Major bummer. About 4 years ago I was browsing the site, and found a group of medals listed for sale. Two stood out; Philippine Insurrection and China Relief. Contacted the seller, and he provided additional photos. Was able to confirm both medals were numbered, and attributed to the same vet. Turns out, most of the medals were attributed to him, and he had a lengthy career with the Army from early 1900 to post WWI. The WWII items were likely another grouping, possibly belonging to the WWI vet's son. In any case, was able to agree on a meetup day/time, and I gladly paid his asking price (top right of the screenshot)- no haggling. Also drove 3 hours round trip to him; easy drive. Turned into one of my most favorite, attributed grouping of medals, and one of the highlights of my collection.
  3. Great origin story, Hunt! Thanks for sharing! PA has an abundance of military still lying in wait to be found, in homes, antique stores, etc. Most of my collection has been acquired locally. It's my preferred way to collect as many of the named items have a local connection.
  4. Wow, very nice! I remember seeing you post the Public Health Service uniform. Great set! I check Goodwill all the time around Halloween. Typically only find more modern uniforms. Best find was my first slant-pocket, VN era jungle jacket for $5. Nothing major, no patches, but I was super excited to find something at Goodwill!
  5. I have a few. Most recent was a D-loop helmet. Found a group of helmets for sale while scrolling through FB Market place one evening a little over a year ago. My jaw dropped when I saw the helmet in the bottom right of the photo. Messaged the seller to ask if they were still available, and if he had a price in mind (no price listed). Wasn't even gonna haggle, just knew I had to get there first, and happily pay their asking price. Was there the next day at 9am (tried to go the evening before, but his wife wasn't having it). I paid asking price for the D-loop and Fixed-loop helmet. I would have purchased the Luftwaffe, but it already sold. The WWI German helmet was a shell; good price, but it was in rough shape. As I'm standing in this gentlemen's living room, the doorbell rings. Another person coming to look at the helmets! I say my goodbyes to the seller and his wife, as the new buyer looks at me dumbfounded as he's walking in. Crossed a grail-piece off my list that I never thought I would find. Pure, dumb-luck; case of being in the right place at the right time.
  6. Thanks, Patches. The 79th ARCOM was based out of Upper Darby, which is a little less than an hours drive from me. I was able to pickup the jacket and one of the vets OG-507 utility shirts, also devoid of name-tape. Seller is a picker type, and never obtained the name of the vet. Vet was Civilian Affairs based on the collar insignia on the Utility. Sad there's no ID, but I'm happy with the set. 2nd ID Patch looks great in person! Also found some goodies in the pocket of the M65. Nothing Earth shattering; Ear plugs, a P38, Humanitarian Service ribbon, and a random rock.
  7. Thanks, Hunt! Hopefully I can purchase it. Waiting for the seller to confirm if they have the nametape. Would be nice to put an ID to the jacket.
  8. Thanks for the confirmation. Much appreciated!
  9. Hi All, I'm going to be looking at this M65 field jacket. Curious about the origin of the subdued, 2nd Infantry Division patch. Twill construction, and considering the period (Vietnam era), I assume it's Korean made? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the kind words! Glad I was able to give you some inspiration.
  11. Thanks, Dean! Much appreciated!
  12. Thanks! Detolfs from Ikea, cheap ($60), and perfect for collectors. The lights I got from Lowes. Work great for the cabinets.
  13. Finally got around to hanging items on the walls. Thought I’d share some updated photos.
  14. Findagrave memorial. Says he was a Vietnam Vet: https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/101360139/frank-j-zelinsky Frank J. Zelinsky, 64, of Edgemont Avenue, Palmerton died Wednesday evening, November 21, 2012 in his home. Born in Palmerton, he was a son of the late John F. and Nellie T. (Wytychak) Zelinsky. Frank worked in general labor for the former Bethlehem Steel Corp. He was a 1966 graduate of the Palmerton High School. Frank was a US Army Veteran of Vietnam, serving two tours. An avid baseball fan, Frank coached the Bowmanstown Little League for 15 years. He was dedicated to his family, and very interested in his nieces and nephews activities. Frank enjoyed his daily walks around Palmerton. Survivors: Sisters, Barbara A., wife of William Parsons, Nancy J. George, all of Palmerton; nieces, Brenda Tayahla, Sherry Buck, Lisa Leon, Nicole Merkle; nephews, Charles Neff, Chris Neff, Gregg Neff, Frank Zelinsky, Jay Zelinsky, Wm Parsons IV, Ivan A, George; great-nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by sister, Joann M. Neff; and brother, John J. Zelinsky. Services: Graveside services with Military Honors, 10 a.m., Wednesday, Sacred Heart New Cemetery, Stoney Ridge Road, Palmerton with Rev. Dennis R. Schappell officiating. Arrangements, Campton Funeral Home, Palmerton. Online condolences www.schislerfuneralhomes.com. Contributions: Emmanuel UCC Memorial Fund, 519 Hamilton Street, Bowmanstown, PA 18030.
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