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  1. I wondered if he was way off or close on his asking price (if it were original). I wouldn't even know what to compare it to to get a comp for what it would sell for.
  2. So, you're saying you wouldn't add this as part of an addendum to your book?! 😆
  3. Amazing group. Love some of those patches. Thanks for sharing!!
  4. I dunno, I saw the Mona Lisa for sale on there a few weeks back, and I'm pretty sure it was legit. 😉 In all seriousness, 100% agreed. FB Market Place definitely not the venue to sell your $2.5 million dollar piece of American history.
  5. Agreed...I would expect much better quality as well.
  6. Thanks for posting this! Seller mentions the example is the American Independence Museum as not being Brown's. The seller's example allegedly matches the description of Brown's badge in an article published in 1942. Was curious if anyone knew of the article he referred to? Also, has there ever been any doubt as to the attribution of Brown's badge? This guy is really going all out to try to pin this as original. "The third badge shown above, is in a safety deposit box in Exeter. Oddly another badge also exists in the Exeter Museum of Independence. That bad
  7. Original issued to Sgt. Elijah Churchill for comparison.
  8. Sorry if this has been posted for discussion, however search of the forum turned up no recent results. Was browsing Facebook Marketplace, and stumbled upon this gem. Doesn't appear to match the original in construction, and looks a bit sloppy. Of course, could be completely mistaken. Seller is asking $2.5 Million. Link to the listing, and description below: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/681733465775277 "This badge is attributed to Sgt. William Brown. Lost in a move in 1924, discovered in a storage unit near where the last
  9. Did the family provide any additional information on the vet? Keep getting a hit for a fella born in 1891 (Findagrave, Google, Ancestry). Obviously not his uniform. I then searched Facebook, and found this gentlemen. Assume this is him? No activity that I can see beyond 2015 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008656059575
  10. Topic on campaign medals traceable by number: Discussion on traceability of the Purple Heart, as it's one of the the more common medals that individuals ask if traceable by number. Tom Lane ran a website that discussed this in more detail, however he sadly passed away, and the website is now no longer available.
  11. What does a number on a medal tell you? On some earlier campaign, service and valor medals, you can trace the number back to the specific vet to whom the medal was awarded. Not all, however, are traceable, and many of the databases have not been digitized. This means, you'll need to know someone with access to the lists (many on the forum do, and are willing to do a search if asked nicely 😉). Some medals require the award card being pulled from the Archives (early Purple Hearts, for example). Lastly, some medal numbering can simply tell you when or by whom the medal was manufactur
  12. It seems like on these ribbon bars, he claimed service in Vietnam.... Strange fella, and all the ribbons are giving me a headache trying to figure out his service.
  13. I have one as well, but in camo. Was also told it was a pilot-chute.
  14. What a great collection of uncommon items! I collect the same way you do. Most of my items are found locally in antique shops, thrift stores, or through local ads on Facebook & Craigslist. Amazing some of the interesting pieces you stumble upon, and it feels more rewarding compared to buying online (not knocking online purchases/sales by any means). Thanks for sharing!!
  15. Agreed on the plain-Jane US made examples, especially those made post-war. They definitely lack the craftsmanship of earlier and theater made examples.
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