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  1. So I did some checking on the single rocker First Sergeant. Even contacted the best source out there, LTC (R) William K. Emerson. He's never seen one like it before, but in his book; "US Army Soldiers and Their Chevrons", on page 291 (see the very last sentence) he does mention; "One manufacturer... while offering several non-army ranks including corporal with star, and sergeant with a diamond and sergeant with one arc with a diamond." Many police departments, academies and schools created a "military" style rank for their police officers, cadets and band members. A
  2. RobS. Those are nice. Would you be interested in selling or trading for them? I don't think I've seen a single rocker with a diamond. What can you tell me about them? Thanks. Kenton
  3. The one with the diamond sideways (top right), I've never seen that before. Very unique.
  4. I know I'm about 5 years late on this post. I recently joined. I retired as a First Sergeant back in 2006. I've collected the Army First Sergeant chevrons since then. I like the pre-WWI stuff, especially the chevrons with a branch insignia with the diamond. I've attached a photo of some of my First Sergeant Collection. Sorry for the glare.
  5. Hello, FNG here. I recently joined, but haven't had time to type anything until now. My name is Kenton Falerios. I'm a retired US Army Military Police Paratrooper First Sergeant. I was in from October 1984 to October 2006. I now live near Amarillo, Texas. Most of my time was at Ft Bragg, with assignments to the 16th MP Brigade (ABN) and the 82nd Airborne Division's Military Police. I served in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Joint Guard (Bosnia) and Operations Iraqi Freedom. I collect 82nd Military Police items (helmets, photos, misc.) and US Army First Sergeant c
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