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  1. With 2020 coming to a close, i’d like to share some of my favorite finds as my collections expanded greatly this year and i’ve acquired some amazing things. Before i begin all the M1s in this pile are all FS and most are swivel bails, We’ll begin with a shell used by a Airborne 1LT. during the Vietnam War, second is a shell that had a captains rank uncovered below a KW repaint, the third and my favorite out of all these shells is a 1st Marine Division vet’s shell which had a hole punched in the front for a screw-in EGA, a NCO bar painted on the back, and was repainted in forest green, fourth u
  2. Just won this P41 for a steal, was watching this for months and when i was about to buy it the seller put it up for auction so i managed to get it $40 lower than what he originally had it up for. It was converted into a Ike Jacket and had the collar replaced during the post war occupation period and its a beautiful example of these post war modified uniforms that just don’t pop up much.
  3. I got this shell cheap along with two others and they’re nothing special or valuable, there beat to hell and were stripped by the previous owner so i’ve got nothing to lose and something to gain by fixing and restoring the shell, also i feel covering it up with a net or cover is lazy and i’d like to make an effort to fix it. Also, i’m going to try welding suggestion and i’ll post an update on the results in the following days.
  4. I’m having trouble figuring out what to do to fix this large stress crack between the FS on this helmet, its one of three M1s i bought pretty cheap from a guy who restores M1s and this one is causing me the most trouble as i have no idea how i’m gonna be able to get it fixed and looking proper. Heres two pics of it and i’m hoping someone here can help me or at least has a suggestion on what i can do.
  5. I’ve had this poncho for more than a year and a half, however i’ve only just identified the nature of this poor Marines death. PFC. Emmett Wilbur Hume, was stationed at a Naval air station (NAS) within the Marine Aircraft, Hawaii Area (MAHA). Hume is believed to have been attached to a ground crew of some sort and was sadly killed in a accident, i will continue research and attempt to identify the incident that occurred that day but until now that is all i have. The poncho is a 1943 reversible frogskin poncho, and bares Humes name in two places on the collar, one of which is pictured below. I
  6. Heres two photos i’ve found off google which seem to be what you’re referring to though they aren’t the best quality.
  7. BAR gunners were issued 1911 sidearms and were often issued belts with dedicated 1911 magazine pouches, however yours looks rather different to the ones i’ve seen. In the pic below you can see one of the belts i’m referring to however its different in design to yours
  8. Alright, also as much as i’d like to i don’t have anything capable of using IR to try and bring out the name sadly.
  9. Just got a lucky win again on ebay and scored this USMC Blanco’d M1917 Cavalry Cartridge belt, its missing the connector belt however i already have a replacement lined up so i’ll have a complete belt.
  10. Here it is, the circle is about 3 inches all around.
  11. I’ll be sure to post some measurements in the follow-up posts on Thursday when i get it for you.
  12. There is definite evidence that these red circles were used for something at Okinawa, however there is no definite answer on what they were used for, its mostly regarded as some sort of shore party markings but there is conflicting evidence that these were used by the 29th Marines. Also i did not know this was a army canteen cover, i’m not too familiar with canteen covers so i appreciate you bringing that up. (Here is a pic from of the threads which displays multiple instances of these being used.)
  13. I have and everything i’ve found says its some sort of variation of UNIS markings used at Okinawa, and theres no definite answer on it was used for.
  14. I got another really lucky buy today, ebays been full of these amazing items lately and this is one of them. I found this about 2-3 weeks ago and it was marketed as a Japanese capture canteen and marked at a $99 starting price and it didn’t sell, and i ended up removing it from my watchlist but i ended up finding a thread which had the same red circle markings and identified them as UNIS marking used for the landings at Okinawa so i immediately went on the hunt to rediscover it and to my surprise, he never relisted it, and was willing to relist it at a lower price for me to buy it which i did.
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