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  1. Kurt, those helmets are pretty sweet. Should should post pics of the whole grouping. Is the jacket WWII or korea?
  2. Latest and greatest. Modified deck helmet with tc66 earcups. There is a name on the strap but really hard to read. Helmet has seen a lot of flight time and is soiled just as I like them :). It was modified to fit a smaller head.
  3. Thank you Gregg. It would be a pleasure to see your collection.
  4. THank you Gregg. I hope you are doing well in those troubled times.
  5. Thanks Jerry, it saw a lot of use but there is no rips or damage to it. I wish it could talk.
  6. Latest and greatest, pre war setup named to Ensign Russell T. Lord. He flew SBD Dauntless dive bombers with VB-98, and served in Bougainville, Truk, and all around the Solomon Islands. He was the CO of VB-98. The April 1944 reports in Fold 3 show that Lord was promoted to LCDR, retroactive to March 1st 1944. Some forum members found a lot of information, including mission reports and I am attaching them to this thread as well. Helmet is nicely named in several locations on the helmet. Looks like this one saw a lot of action. Fold 3 has all the action reports for VB-98 and i attach
  7. it's not thta bad. Most of the time they are still pliable enough. I usually use butter knifes to do that. It is basically the same process as putting a tire on a bike wheel
  8. Thanks, yes it is an awesome grouping. It is surprising that he kept his WWII patches in Korea. I am trying to get pictures of him wearing the jacket
  9. A very interesting jacket. It has patches from both WWII and Korea. On both shoulders there are 15th Air Force Italian made patches which are in sorry condition but still there and on the chest is a super rare Korean War 12th Tactical Reconnaissance squadron which is the Blackbirds squadron (later flew U2s and then the SR71). The jacket is a Bronco with amazing patina and replaced cuffs and waistband, The jacket came with the original Korean war dog tags, the pilot WWII sterling silver ID bracelet and the Korean war radiation detector attached to the tags. Named to George B. Fleming, he was
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