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  1. Latest setup. Early 3 side panel AN6540 helmet with added oxygen snap reinforced with sail cloth. I didn't have one reinforced with this material before. This material was usually used to create the goggle loops on modified deck helmets but i had never seen it used to reinforce oxy snaps. If only it could talk, it looks like it has seen a lot of action.
  2. Thank you. I have another one to post with nice history.
  3. I had never seen material like that before on a helmet. It is cloth and it has stripes:
  4. Thanks, They are not volcano earcups though. They are the AAF sponge ones. volcano earcups don't age bad except for some level of hardening. The sponge ones though are very prone to drying out.
  5. Since i have plenty of time with that stay at home policy, i decided to finally replace the sponge earcups in my red rigger modified helmet. original earcups had completely disintegrated so replacing them was a no brainer. Result is fantastic.it was actually very easy to do and i didn't have to touch the original material around them.
  6. Jerry my apologies to your friend. I also got a nice pair of civilian MIV that i didn't have before.
  7. My mannequin Gustave got outfitted with a pair of MKII goggles that I just acquired
  8. I have seen a few original CACW thta were hand stitched over the years. I am not saying the one i have is original but they did make them thta way as well. Below is an original example:
  9. Thanks, who makes those reproductions. It looks like it was all stitched by hand, it must take days for one person to do that.
  10. I know nothing about patches. It looks like it was entirely handmade. Is it original?
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