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  1. Latest and greatest. This setup is one of the best helmets I have. Truly a unique setup. What we have here is a commercial deck helmet that has been heavily customized by adding a padded chinstrap with multiple rows of snaps for adjustment. Chinstrap is made of navy sail cloth and the material was also used for the added goggle straps in the back. Basically everything is customized on this helmet. Goggles came with it and have the initials JS on them.
  2. Latest setup. You all know I have a nylon fetish. I cannot resist a nice nylon helmet with reinforced oxy snaps. Not common to see them, this is my latest setup displayed with newly acquired commercial MKIV goggles.
  3. Yes, it is definitely unique. I didn't have one like that before
  4. Latest and greatest, 1092 leather helmet with acoustics earcups, modified goggle straps, oxy snaps. Well used. Doesn't get much better than that.
  5. His Pay Entry Base Date is 4/28/1944. His date of rank (ensign) is 1/30/48. He was very young when he signed up
  6. Anyone has any info on Bernard Goldman 492828 (number on his flight jacket)
  7. Latest and greatest. Early AN6540 helmet with small buckles, no brow and the 3 sided side panels. Rare in itself but this one is also equipped with the wwii contracted Aviometer boom mike. Those early boom mikes are very hard to find and I only had 2 setups with that mike installed and all the helmets were later contracts than this AN6540. The chin cup is a modified talker helmet chincup but it was found like that by the seller so I kept it on. Helmet is also displayed with a newly acquired MKIV pair of goggles.
  8. Kurt, those helmets are pretty sweet. Should should post pics of the whole grouping. Is the jacket WWII or korea?
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