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  1. Again, many thanks - I was a bit worried about how much light was getting through the LD/SCU patch but that's great news. I'm particularly pleased about the Abn Div patch as it only cost me the equivalent of a few dollars. (Although for the life of me I can't understand why someone has sown the camo material onto the patch "back to front".) It's great to have access to the knowledge of experienced collectors/dealers such as yourself and Gil.
  2. Thanks to both of you for your input. Apologies - yes you are correct about it not being a STD patch - don't know where I pulled that one from! Thanks for the tip Gil - here's a photo with a small but powerful 3 x LED bulb torch behind the patch. I have positioned one of the bulbs behind the white chute canopy, as it appears to be the original cloth patch material and not to have been printed, and the other 2 bubs at the 10/11o'clock position behind the red print beside the canopy to give a comparison of how much light is coming through between printed and unprinted ar
  3. Hi I recently became a forum member to research insignia I have been gathering up over many years and would appreciate the opinion of the forum’s experienced members on the authenticity of these two badges. Both came from different sources. I got the Strategic Technical Directorate patch in a trade from an American collector in the mid/late 70’s and at that time it had scrapbook residue on the rear which has recently come off with the course of time. The patch is stiff (almost cardboard like) but this could be a result of whatever adhesive was used to put it in the scrap book. My sea
  4. Thanks for your input so far. Quote – “It looks to me like this is more than a simple buffed wing where a trooper polished it to death over many years as the details (see photo) that was on the front look rather deeply sunken into the sterling sliver metal. My guess is that this wing was first filed down, emery boarded, followed by polishing and in a way butchered a really sought after paratrooper wing.” This ties in with what Triple Canopy wrote in the Hallmark Reference Section of the forum regarding “Fayetteville Rubbed” OEC insignia:-
  5. Although I have been a frequent visitor to the forum for many years I have only recently became a member to more fully research some US insignia in my collection. I have been advised by a longstanding forum member that this para wing is quite unusual and I have posted it for other members’ information and to see what discussion it generates. I obtained this badge as part of a small USSF insignia collection I bought from a long time collector in the UK a good few years ago, which was gathered up through the 60’s and 70’s partially with the help of his brother-in-law who served with
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