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  1. Thank you Charlie, I was thinking maybe Tyrannosaurus or something. Thanks for the info on the aircraft. I believe you're right. The loss of the Collins number 18 was only the tip of the iceberg. All the knives that my granddaddy had gave me, and my daddy had gave me, and my brother had gave me for Christmas present over the years, that really hurt. Well, I guess somebody else can worry about those knives now. LOL.
  2. It's kind of okay, I paid $5 for it. I've got three more. And I did not pay $5 for them. Lol. But I like these Collins a lot better than I did when I didn't know what I had.
  3. Got this Collins 18 with brass rivets at an estate sale. It was in the barn. Later, went into the house and just by chance took this picture. Pretty good chance that this knife came from an emergency kit. I never put it together until my knife got stolen. I started doing research and realized that this man probably brought it home. Can anyone give me information about the aircraft behind the man? Thanks
  4. Hello everybody! Been reading some of your post and they're awesome. I'm starting to enjoy military knives. Particularly Collins.
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