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  1. Thanks Skip. I'm interested in any comments about specific attributes and visual comparisons since this one is sterile and a lot of folks don't know what these are. (I didn't until last month). I know sometimes Frank Trzaska who ID'ed these chimes in, as well as yourself and others.
  2. Local auction find for $15 (came with another knife in the lot for $30). Second type 1953-57 pilot survival knife. No markings but the consensus is unmarked Camillus? Since this sight has the best info on the web, as well as the experts who first ID'ed these as more than a variation of the Navy Mark1, I wanted to post here and started my membership just to do so. Now suddenly I am buried in all the great info on this sight. I have no excuse for my 2020 arrival, I have been on the gunboards.com forums pretty much since they started in the mid-90s. I have been missing out!
  3. She offered it to her son who said he wasn't interested in it. A local dealer said it was worth $50-$75 so they put it on Craigslist for $125. I didn't know it was Marbles but I did know it was likely a very early JPSK (research and help after). The bottom of the box was pretty badly split open along 3 sides and had the top layers of cardboard torn up inside where it had ripped. I used some non acidic crafter's glue, Q-tips, and fine point paint brushes to get it stabilized for display; I won't put it back into the lid again because it is a terribly tight fit and would likely resplit the seams
  4. Hi folks. New to the forums but not new to collecting. I snagged this in March from Craigslist. It came from the estate of a former Navy corpsman (via his cousin) who served in Vietnam and was issued this knife. Original box. 6" unmarked Marbles.
  5. Hi folks. New to the forums but not to collecting. I snagged this off a Craigslist ad in March from the cousin of a Navy corpsman from the Vietnam war to whom it was issued. Unmarked Marbles with 6" blade in original issue box.
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