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  1. Picked these up years ago with several other WWII items at a local estate sale. One canister is dated 1949, the other is non dated. Curious if these are the same as used in wartime, also are there collectors out there that collect these?
  2. Thanks all for the responses! I've only been a member less then a week and already have learned so much, can't believe I didn't join sooner.
  3. Hi all, I picked this up years ago at an estate sale, never installed on a helmet. Can anyone confirm that its WWII vintage? Thanks
  4. Thanks! I live in San Jose, center of the Silicon Valley.
  5. Hi all, New member here from California. . My grandfather and great uncle were both WWII vets and I loved going over to their houses as a child and looking at the trophies they brought home from the war and hearing the stories they would rarely share. I fell into collecting in the mid 1990s when I started buying WWII items at estate sales in my area , looking back at it I made some pretty amazing purchases. I look forward to sharing some of my finds.
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