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  1. Awesome grouping, these sorts of finds in the wild are becoming more and more scarce. I especially like the helmet, keep the photos coming!
  2. picked this hat up in the mid 1990's at a garage sale. I don't do VN era at all and always figured it's a repro, can any experts here confirm?
  3. sounds like the CIB is a possibility, but the jump wings on the right side are still a mystery. seems odd that someone would pay to have them embroidered on purpose on the wrong side.
  4. Sounds like the verdict is soup sandwich..... this is what i get for dabbling in items outside my knowledge base, oh well. I think I paid $6 or so for it, so no big loss.
  5. Thanks, Your comments support my thoughts exactly, I'm no expert but I've never seen jump wings on the left side before. A CIB on an Air Force uniform would certainly turn some head.
  6. I usually stick to WWII USMC stuff, and don't do Vietnam era at all but found this a few years ago at a thrift store, saw the jump wings and CIB, and the price was right so I picked it up. I realized later that the patches really didn't make sense. Jump wings on the right breast? CIB for someone in the Air Force, is that even possible? Thoughts?
  7. Shipping: As someone mentioned before use the USPS flat rate boxes if possible. Always make sure you are charging enough to ship your item. I've recently had to eat additional shipping costs on some bulky/ heavy items that I had to put into larger boxes. The weight and size of multiple pieces of clothing etc. can add up quickly.
  8. Thanks warguy for the info, I was pretty sure the rifles weren't 03 Springfields, hopefully I can go a bit of Genealogy research and figure out the story behind these guys.
  9. Hi all, figured I would share this photo that I found amongst my Great Uncles items. We think the soldier on the right was related to my great uncles wife. Any way to tell from the uniforms/ rifles approximately what timeframe this would have been taken?
  10. Hi all, I've had this uniform for many years, and only recently began to do some research on the original owner. Uniform came into my possession with all the insignia and ribbons as shown, I believe they are all original to the uniform, ribbons are the waxy type with pin back attachment. Per his casualty card he was wounded by shrapnel on May 16, 1945 I think likely while attacking Sugarloaf Hill, and was evacuated to a US Navy hospital in Guam. Per his casualty card he was attached to the Recon. Co Hq Bn. anyone know if this is a specialized unit and a predecessor of modern
  11. Hi all, I have a couple WWII USMC uniforms that belonged to men who were assigned to Division Reconnaissance Companies, one in the 3rd Marine Division and one in the 6th Marine Division. I've attached their casualty cards (both men were WIA) you can see in both cases the Recon. Co. is part of the HQ Battalion. Would these men have received specialized reconnaissance training? Are these elite units that are the precursor to the modern "Recon Marines" or would these men just have been assigned to Recon. Company at random and only have standard infantry training? I
  12. Picked these up years ago with several other WWII items at a local estate sale. One canister is dated 1949, the other is non dated. Curious if these are the same as used in wartime, also are there collectors out there that collect these?
  13. Thanks all for the responses! I've only been a member less then a week and already have learned so much, can't believe I didn't join sooner.
  14. Hi all, I picked this up years ago at an estate sale, never installed on a helmet. Can anyone confirm that its WWII vintage? Thanks
  15. Thanks! I live in San Jose, center of the Silicon Valley.
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