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  1. Wow! Your collection is incredible my friend!! I Will definetly use it. If you wanna contact me in a easier fashion I run a instagram account where i post historical photos about the vietnam war. The name of the account is "collect_vietnam_war" thanks for your help. I really mean it. I hope we can become good friends!
  2. Unfortunately. No. He told me about a year ago and it was over a phone call. Sometimes I wanna bite the bullet and pay for a ancestry membership
  3. I knew i had a date wrong lol. Let's keep digging! Anything else you need to know?
  4. It just says sgt. I found that obit to. I found out when he enlisted by a friend using ancestry.com
  5. This is my liner that was used by a 8th recon vet
  6. You my good sir. Are a absolute genius. I cant thank you enough
  7. And honestly after seeing that airborne liner. Maybe the 8th recon is some old recon unit part of the 101st. Who knows
  8. Woah! This blew up lol. The veteran wrote his name,his ra number, and "8th recon" inside. That airborne liner is very interesting. Everything is definetly original. If you want I can tell you the vets name. He rest in Ohio. Passed in 97 if I can remember. Thanks for the help every one.
  9. Could you tell me a little more about what the instructors would do?
  10. The guy enlisted 58-60 then 64-69 You could be correct!
  11. This helmet is from a man who served with the 8th recon in Germany. What could the blue and white stripes mean on his helmet? They have been there for awhile. I have talked to a mp collector and he said that its not mp. Im confused at this point
  12. I have this m1 helmet. Named to a Matthew e kinlaw who served 58-60 then again 65-64. Matthew passed in 97 and his helmet was sold to another collector, and eventually made its way to me. Anyone know what the 8th recon was? Also what do you think the stripes mean?
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