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  1. CBC

    Hi there Mitch! 

    I sent you a private message about what I believe is a patch that belongs to my grandfather. Please let me know if you can help!

    Thank you!


    1. sky eagle

      sky eagle

      Didn't receive a private message....perhaps you meant someone else.

      I am sure I can't help you.....sorry.

  2. Hi Mitch! I can't believe I am reaching out to you, but that patch belonged to my late grandfather O.V. Coke. I was wondering if you still had that patch because it has tremendous sentimental value for my mom, who was O.V.'s only daughter. I would be more than willing to prove my link to grandad and I would absolutely love to buy the patch from you, as it has such familial importance. I can even tell you a little about grandad and what he did in the Air Force. Please respond if you can, it would mean the absolute WORLD to me and my mother.
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