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  1. I forgot to add the first aid pouch is the first photo and they are both marked with the same manufacturer and date.
  2. I didn’t know that, is the lead on the inside or the outside?
  3. Alrighty, thanks for the reference, I’ll check it out. MinorInHistory
  4. Ok guys, thanks for the info! I really didn’t think it was original so that’s pretty neat that it was. MinorInHistory
  5. Here’s another lamp. I know this one is not US militaria, but I think it qualifies into this topic. I also don’t know if it’s an original, but I’m thinking it is. I almost want to buy it to see if I can save the rifle. MinorInHistory
  6. Thanks for the stories! My Grandpa was in the scouts in the 50s, and he remembers using a lot of old army gear too. I’ve noticed that some of the scout branded gear after the war looks similar to army gear. I wonder if some manufacturers just kept making their wartime items but converted them for scouts. Woody, it’s crazy that they were able to mess around with those weapons! I think the neighbors must have been a little nervous... Keep em coming! MinorInHistory
  7. Hello all, As I’m sure everyone knows, right after WWII surplus items were pretty darn cheap and easy to get. As a result, many kids got ahold of militaria and fought WWII over again in their yards. From what I have seen, they sometimes camouflaged and modified the gear. I was wondering, does anyone have examples of this? Thanks, MinorInHistory
  8. Hello all, As I am slowly putting together my kit in anticipation of joining a unit, I have been trying to figure out what to do about the shoes. The impression I would like to do is the 29th ID around the time of the Normandy landings, so I want the shoes to be accurate for that time and unit. Obviously I also want to find the shoes with the highest authenticity and at the best price. I’m am starting to lose track on all the different types of service shoes and roughouts, so I wanted to consult people with more knowledge than myself so I don’t make a mistake and purchase the wrong shoes. I’ve been looking at At The Front’s boots and I have had nothing but good experiences with their business, but I wanted to see what everyone thought. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Thank you! MinorInHistory P.S. I thought it was funny that the WWII Impressions ad for their shoes was playing as I typed this entry.
  9. Hello all, I got this canteen from a mixed lot of original and repro gear. I have no idea wether it is real or fake since I don’t have a whole lot of knowledge on WWI canteens. Even if it is a fake, I use it for reenacting so it’s no problem if it is, but I was just wondering. If any other photos are needed, let me know. Thanks!
  10. Also I forgot to mention that the card is named to a Lt. Adams. MinorInHistory
  11. I picked this up a while ago at an estate sale which was close to Fort Belvoir, which trained engineers during WWII to my understanding. The card is marked HQ, ETO, OCE, US Army. I don’t know what that stands for, so any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hello everyone, I was wondering what militaria is best displayed in IKEA’s Deltof display case. I’d like to hear what y’all have in yours, so if you have one of these cases, feel free to post a picture. Thanks, MinorInHistory
  13. Thanks for the photos! You guys are providing a lot of great material. I’m trying to gather as many examples as I can, and so far the turnout has been amazing. MinorInHistory
  14. Yes, I agree with you. I’ve also seen a lot of photos in which the guards have 03 Springfields. MinorInHistory
  15. Thanks for the photos! You guys are all very helpful and I really appreciate it! MinorInHistory
  16. Thanks for the info! One of my interests has always been stateside troops guarding coastal forts and prisoners, so thank you for sharing! MinorInHistory
  17. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any photos or examples of what US P.O.W. camp guards would have worn while on duty. I was wondering what type of gear, clothing, and weapons these units would be issued. Also, where did these units come from? Where troops just assigned to camps from other units? I’m specifically interested in the Fort Hunt instillation, Aka P.O. Box 1142. It was used to interrogate higher priority prisoners like German scientists and to pack escape kits for American P.O.W.s in Europe. Kind of ironic. Any photos, documents, or gear lists from the troops garrisoned there would be much appreciated. Any information at all on this subject would be most appreciated. Thank you, MinorInHistory
  18. Ok, thanks for the information you guys. That was something I had been wondering about for a while. MinorInHistory
  19. Hello all, I was wondering, how can you tell if a M1 Garand bandolier is from the WWII era? Is there a certain material or marking that can be used to determine this? Thanks!
  20. Howdy Hunt, For some of my paper items I tack (without actually puncturing) them in a shadow box, especially if I have a particularly nice grouping. I think that framing paper items is also a good idea if it doesn’t damage the item and if you have the wall space. I’ll attach an example of what I did with the shadow box. Hope this helps! MinorInHistory
  21. Well, sad to say I’ve found a lamp. That’s all I’m going to say. MinorInHistory
  22. It’s crazy that you found that grouping, it having a personal connection and all. It’s great that your dad got to see those medals that belonged to someone who he knew when he was in the service. Very neat story!
  23. I hope not, though there weren’t many flea markets in NoVa to begin with. At least there are some militaria shows and things around here. Hopefully things will open back up soon.
  24. That’s an amazing find! I have seen some tours that sound like yours advertised before. It sounds like a lot of fun, especially if you have a period Jeep!
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