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  1. Actually I do have a bag of other tabs and assorted stuff, so is there a ressource I can use to date these things? For instance, you said mine is an early example, what is the time frame for that? I might try to go back and look at some of my patches, so any website that would give me that info would be very helpful.
  2. Dang. Well, I’m glad to know, thanks for the information! MinorInHistory
  3. Is this theater made, or is it just a normal one from a certain era? I don’t really collect patches a lot so I’m not sure but it looked a bit odd to me. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone! This might be helpful for some people; I saw that SM Wholesale was having their 15% off Labor Day sale on everything they have, so I figured I would post that here in case anyone didn’t know. MinorInHistory https://www.smwholesaleusa.com
  5. That is a great idea, but this is more of a thing that I’m doing with my friends more than a film for an audience. I will say though, If I end up making another film for WWII, It will be intended to be educational and I think I will do what you suggested and talk to some other fellow reenactors.
  6. Ok thanks for the resource, that’s a big help!
  7. So I am making a small independent short movie about the Vietnam War, but I basically know nothing about the uniforms of the era. I have mostly WWII uniforms and equipment, so the only Vietnam stuff I have is a M65 jacket, a helmet, a gas mask bag, a bit of M1956 stuff, and some Alice gear, which would be late to post Vietnam (I think). What I’m trying to do is make this short film as accurate as possible, so I want to know some tips that I can use to accomplish this goal and a list of what I’ll need to acquire for this impression. If anybody wants to post photos of their setups, I w
  8. Does anyone know what these are? I saw them for sale but I’m not exactly sure what they are for. Thanks!
  9. Hello all, I was wondering, what units were used in air and sea defense around Washington DC? I have seen many photos of sentries standing guard and manning machine gun nests and anti aircraft guns on top of buildings. My question is, who were these guys? I’ll attach some photos for reference. Thanks! MinorInHistory
  10. I forgot to add the first aid pouch is the first photo and they are both marked with the same manufacturer and date.
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