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  1. Another goof of a Military District of Washington patch...
  2. And I guess that’s pretty common? I don’t really collect patches...
  3. Does the little bit of extra red in the lower left hand corner of the patch mean anything? I thought it was a bit off.
  4. Wow, that display looks great! Glad to see that you got lots of positive feedback from the public!
  5. Hey y’all, If anyone is doing any displays or presentations this week for Veterans Day, I would love to hear about it! Today I set up a display and gave a talk on the history of Veterans Day and a brief overview of US WWII equipment to my JROTC unit. Hearing from you all helps me improve my setup and run a better program. Happy early Veterans Day and a big thank you for your service to all the vets out there! Thanks, MinorInHistory
  6. Hello all! Does anyone have any info on this drill sword? Thanks!
  7. I agree, he was undoubtedly one of the greats, and he will be missed. Let’s not forget his role in one of my favorite movies; “A Bridge too Far.”
  8. Ok thanks, that makes sense because I bought it with a beret that had a Civil Affairs flash.
  9. Great points, I’ll have to look more into the feedback system. Sounds like an important part of selling on eBay is building good relationships with customers, so I’ll definitely try to do that.
  10. I agree! This was very helpful, thanks Hunt and EasternEagle. I’ll have to figure out which buying format I’ll do first, and I’ll definitely use both of your advice. When I get things up and running I’ll put a link on the forum to my eBay page.
  11. Hello all, I’ve decided to finally get around to selling some stuff, but I’ve never done so on an online platform. I know that a lot of forum members sell on eBay, and I was wondering if anyone had any advice. For example, should I do auction or buy it now? What do y’all look for when buying something on eBay? Thanks for any input, MinorInHistory
  12. Wow, those are good picks! I wish I had your luck on finding good items!
  13. Well I don’t know if this helps but I found these two photos online. The first was taken on Papua New Guinea and they are welding a plate onto a DUKW, but I’m not sure about the second. I found these on the National WWII Museum’s website.
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