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  1. Charles Albert Wilson was on the USS Mohican from 20Oct1887 to 15Aug1888. While the ship was harbored in Honolulu, he was an oarsman on the 'Daring" and raced against the Hawiaan "Hanakeoki" on 28Dec1887. Apparently the American sailors won. The documentation I have is: 1)A newspaper clipping of Charles' retirement from the Navy referencing his participation in the race while he was stationed on the Mohican. 2)A poem about the race published by the Hawaiian Gazette Publishing Co. 3)An article in the Gazette referencing a party hosted by the King for the men on the USS Juanita which is refere
  2. I am grateful to be approved to this Forum, especially on this day when we remember our fallen heroes. My sisters and I are doing research into our families heritage and specifically their involvement in the Revolutionary War, Civil War, Spanish American War and WWII. I will attempt to find the correct forum for my ancestors involvement in each. I have documentation for some of their service. Most recently I have been interested in finding more information about my great grandfather who came to the US from Finland as a young man and receiving his citizenship papers on Sept 18
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