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  1. Yeah I've ran into those sorts of people, really stings when they've got something rare and you know you wont see another again for awhile. Such is life, best of luck in your hunt for another.
  2. Bit late, but the tags and the shape of the vest looks good. Something about the camouflage rubs me the wrong way otherwise it looks real.
  3. Got around to buying an RBA that I'd been keeping my eye on for a month or so in a local sales group. The model I got is the version with both front and back ballistic plates, both original plates were included in the listing. It's got some fading of the colors here and there but is otherwise in excellent condition. Figure I'm going to make an Operation Gothic Serpent display now that I have the hardest part out of the way. If anyone happens to know, did rangers in 93' have access to this pattern of RBA or was it the single plate only version?
  4. This isn't the standard old MOLLE I frames I don't believe, I have one of those and it looks like this. No nomenclature that I've been able to find but I haven't disassembled it so I haven't seen every part of the frame yet, all the buckles are dated 98 through 00. Here's a picture of the old standard production MOLLE frame for reference.
  5. I've had this piece for a little while now, really don't know too much about it. I believe this is a prototype of an improved version of the original MOLLE I rucksack frame. Beyond that suspicion I know almost nothing about it. Hoping somebody knows more. Attached a picture of the relevant part of the frame, everything else is standard MOLLE.
  6. Hello, I'm a relatively new collector out of Illinois. Don't expect to be making many posts myself, just here to ask questions when needed for the most part. I mostly collect camouflages/ uniforms and load bearing equipment from the Vietnam War and onward. I'm especially interested in the Marine Corps but I don't limit myself to collecting only objects related to them. I don't have a large collection whatsoever but I do have a couple particularly interesting pieces, a couple sets of the experimental MCCUU uniform and a prototype MOLLE 1 rucksack, other than that not a noteworthy collector in
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