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  1. Wow...thank you for all of this wonderful information. Your memory and details are fabulous! I now recall this embroidery patch on my Dad's Eisenhower Jacket, which my brothers wore out in the 1970's. Such a shame. But at least they wore that jacket and loved it. I will show the patch to my Dad. He has Dementia, but his memory is still sharp when it comes to the Korean War. And, to this day, he will not eat rice as he built many of the roads and air strips where they worked in the paddies. He did not like what he saw. He was a Corporal in the Army and did run heavy equipment. He loved it and always talks about the Sabre Jets landing and taking off. He was in Suwon and also talks a lot about Pyeongtaek. Thank you again for sharing this great information. He does have the Army Corp of Engineers patch (the one with that castle like building on it).
  2. RE: US Army Enlisted Men's Visor Cap. My Dad, was in the Korean War: Army Corp of Engineers. 1903rd Aviation Batallion. This photo was taken in 1952 after boot camp. He purchased the hat in Delaware at a military clothing store. The tag inside reads Made in the USA by "Gramercy Creations". I see that someone asked that a photo be posted if anyone had this cap after they were not longer issued by the Army. Here is a photo of my Dad, who is now 89 and still doing well. Can anyone tell me if this cap is rare? I have nicely stored away. It is in nice shape.
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