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    I collect USAF Air Police, Security Police, Security Forces and Combat Defense Squadron Patches
  1. I have this listed as belonging to the 51st Security Police Squadron
  2. Thanks ..It was on Ebay went for about 120 if I remember correctly
  3. Could be the 11th CDS as it looks like a one next to the TH. Morale patch maybe
  4. Well I think there is only enough room for a single digit...I am not aware of a 7th CDS patch...The only ones I know with single digits were the 2nd, 5th, 6th, and 9th...
  5. Picked these up last week..Can anybody ID the middle patch..I know its a Combat Defense Squadron but there is no Number
  6. The USAFSS looks to be a beret or small baseball cap type patch....
  7. This is a picture of my Dad in front of a B24 ..Can anyone tell me anything about the artwork or painting on the nose of the bomber...Thanks Bobby
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