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  1. Hi RE: Mitchell cover.

    Would you send this to the U.K?

    What would be the extra postage cost. Thanks.


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    2. robinb


      A bank transfer is possible. I'll get the details later today. 

    3. Redralphy
    4. robinb


      The total with fees is $80 USD.

      My information: 

      Robin Bartel

      2998 Maranatha Ct SE

      Turner, OR 97392


      Bank account # 972252431

      Here's the bank transfer information:

      wire transfer.png

  2. Hi

    re:FS: Named 503rd Vietnam era M1c helmet.

    Would you send to the U.K.?


  3. Hi Would you send this item to the U.K. ? VN Era USMC LCpl Helmet w/ Cover Graffiti

  4. A lesson learned! Thanks Costa,Marty and Patches for all the help. Funny thing, I got out of collecting Third Reich because of all the fakery.........Now this shows up😡
  5. Thank you to everybody that helped get these photos up on the forum for me. It really is appreciated. Thanks for the comments also, you guys have saved me from buying a pile of rubbish.
  6. Hi All. Thanks for the help. I don't know why the forum won't let me post pics, maybe because I'm new on here? I have taken up a kind offer from 644td Marty. I sent him the pics via email so I think he will post them up for me.
  7. HI All. I am new to the forum and could really use some help. I have been offered a painted Tank Destroyer's helmet. However I thought I'd get it checked by you guys first. Please look at the pictures and see what you think. Your expertise and experience will really help me out. Many Thanks
  8. Hi Everyone. Thank you to the administrator for letting me join this fantastic forum. I live In southern England and although I have been collecting mainly Third Reich for 10yrs, I have recently decided to start to collect M1 Helmets. I have already gained so much knowledge from you guys in the few short weeks I have been browsing on the forum, You certainly know your stuff! Redralphy
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